Ask the world M5 standard version debut, battery life of 1455 kilometers, 259,800 yuan on sale

Beijing News Shell Financial News (reporter promised) On July 2, at the AITO M5 Smart Driving Edition User Experience Day event, the AITO M5 Standard Edition officially appeared. On-site information shows that the battery life of the M5 Standard Edition has been upgraded to 1455 kilometers, and the rear-drive standard version 259,800 yuan and the M5 four-wheel drive standard version 279,800 yuan.

Deliveries of the model will start in August. At the event, Wang Yanmin, president of Huawei’s end point BG smart car business department, said that with the blessing of intelligent range extension technology, the standard version of the M5 does not need to be charged and refueled for long-distance travel. "It can be driven all the way from Shanghai to Beijing".

In addition, the M5 standard version models are equipped with an all-aluminum alloy chassis, which is fully balanced with the support of Huawei’s self-developed HUAWEI DATS (Dynamic Adaptive Torque System) and other technologies.

The M5 standard version is equipped with Huawei DriveONE pure electric drive platform, with a peak power of 365kW and a peak torque of 675N · m for the four-wheel drive standard version. With the standard front double fork arm and rear multi-link all-aluminum alloy chassis, the zero-hundred-kilometer acceleration time is 4.4 seconds.

Editor, Yue Caizhou, Proofreader, Wu Xingfa