The beautiful picture ahead! At 53.8 meters of Little Kunshan, the word "small" is not because of the height, but because of…


It is surrounded by flat ground on the ground

A raised geomorphic area with large absolute and relative heights

The height of the mountain is usually more than 100 meters above the ground

Including low mountains, mid-mountains and high mountains

But whether it’s called "mountain" or not depends on what the locals call it


Xiao Kunshan, which is only 53.8 meters high

Also a member of the "Mountain" family

A bird’s-eye view of Xiaokunshan Mountain

The terrain is low and flat

The maximum relative elevation difference is about 2 meters

It is in the east and the northwest

The trend of low middle and southwest films

The mountain is completely covered by lush vegetation

Full of life

Baidu: Elevation refers to the distance from a certain point in the direction of the plumb line to the absolute base surface, called absolute elevation, referred to as elevation.

So how did the small and exquisite Little Kunshan come into being?

Who gave birth to it?

And how did it give birth to the greenness of life?


The birth of Xiao Kunshan

Late Mesozoic, 70 million years ago

With the Cretaceous Yanshan Movement

Magma along the crustal fault line northwest of Songjiang

gush out of the surface

After long-term weathering and solidification into mountains

When the mountains in future generations have names

According to Ming Zhengde’s "Songjiang Mansion"

All the mountains in the mansion come from Hangtianmu

It has been proven to be true

Xiaokunshan is the remnant of Tianmu Mountain in Zhejiang

It is an earlier area in Shanghai

The ruins of Tangcun Temple and Yaojiaguan are 5,000 years old

Witness the long history of Xiaokunshan

Speaking of the name of Xiao Kunshan

The word "small" is not due to the low altitude and small mountain

The original Little Kunshan name Kunshan

There is also another name for Yushan.

Lu Rong’s "Miscellaneous Notes on Makeup Garden" records:

Kunshan is in the Huating border of Songjiang

The Jinluji brothers gave birth to it

All have literature

Time and People Compared to Kungang Jade

The first year of Emperor Wu of Liang (335)

Kunshan County (because of the territory of Kunshan, hence the name).

Tang Tianbao established Huating County in 751.

Kunshan County was moved to Ma’anshan (now Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province).

At that time, in order to avoid the trouble of two Kunshan duplications,

So before Kunshan, the word "small" was crowned to distinguish,

The name of Xiaokunshan originated from this.

Horizontal screen to watch the whole picture of Xiaokunshan Town???


Xiaokunshan is full of treasures

The Xiaokunshan mountain body is mainly composed of Mesozoic lava and pyroclastic stone bodies, mainly composed of granite, granite, chu gray stone and normal rock.

The rocks contained a small amount of pyrite, a brass-colored tetragonal particulate mineralization.

This pyrite (FeS2) is often mistaken for gold due to its light brass color and bright metallic luster, so it is also known as "fool’s gold". It is a very cheap ancient gem.

In addition to being used for grinding gemstones, it can also be used as a base for jewelry, jade, and other handicrafts.

Although Little Kunshan does not produce pyrite, its rich internal resources are a natural wealth that cannot be ignored.


The Birth of Xiaokunshan

Xiaokunshan is located in the west of the ancient coastline and the lower reaches of Taihu Lake Basin, which is one of the lowest areas in Shanghai.

The ocean and rivers and lakes carry sediment and sediment into lake floodplain and lake floodplain, with a thickness of about 300 meters.

Encyclopedia: Lake floodplain facies and tidal floodplain facies are the names of sedimentary facies. Sedimentary facies are the sum of the formation environment, formation conditions, and characteristics of sediments. Rocks with the same composition form the same facies, and those in the same geographical area form the same group.

The wetness of the ocean and rivers and lakes makes the land fertile in the territory. The main parent materials are lake sediments, mainly yellow mud, black mud, blue-purple mud and ditch dry mud. It provides unique and favorable conditions for the growth of crops.

The surface of Xiaokunshan mountain is permeated soil layer, mainly distributed in the western mountainside of the mountain. The depth of the soil layer is between 30 and -50 cm, and the soil is yellow-brown and viscous.

The soil of the hill belongs to zonal acidic soil, which is suitable for the growth of evergreen broad-leaved forest or mixed evergreen and deciduous forest. This makes Xiaokunshan evergreen in all seasons and pleasant scenery.

Xiao Kunshan, which collects the spiritual energy of heaven and earth

Young little Kunshan

Little Kunshan full of vitality

Information: Xiaokunshan Town

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Black industry is eyeing malicious claims for "takeaway compensation"

  Recently, many netizens reported on social platforms that some people were selling tutorials related to malicious "takeaway compensation". A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily found that criminals charged 50 to 300 yuan to openly teach others how to make up a complaint to the merchant and ask for compensation on the grounds that they ate foreign objects in the takeaway. The takeaway platform said that it has established a malicious claims governance team, and the platform has linked with the police to complete the handling of many cases. Legal sources said that malicious claims are suspected of extortion, and the sale of related tutorials may be suspected of teaching criminal methods and will be investigated for legal responsibility.

  "Takeaway Payment" Tutorial Can I eat "Free Lunch"?

  Beijing Youth Daily reporters searched online platforms such as Tieba and found that there were many tutorials dedicated to selling "takeaway refunds" and a large number. In Baidu Tieba, Beiqing Daily reporters saw that there was a special "Meituan Refund Bar", with a cumulative number of posts having exceeded 6,000, of which the top-ranked posts were related to the sale of "Raiders": "Meituan Takeaway Refund" "A pack of cigarettes teaches how to return for free, and pays for direct teaching"… In some posts, some netizens asked "how to contact", the owner asked for private messages, and some even left their QQ numbers.

  In the QQ group, there are also many special "compensation groups". In a QQ group called "Food Payment Group", the group owner will ban all members, but keep sending personal WeChat QR codes, accompanied by screenshots of the compensation balance he has received, saying that he can "Meituan will lose 100 yuan in half an hour, and if you want, you can directly add WeChat".

  After the reporter from Beiqing Daily joined the community, he expressed his desire to buy a tutorial and start communicating in detail with the group owner. The seller said that the course will teach how to ask for compensation from the takeaway merchant. After placing an order on Meituan, and other platforms, after receiving the takeaway, he provided relevant photos as evidence on the grounds of eating "bugs", "hair" and other foreign objects, and applied to complain to the merchant and ask for certain compensation. The specific compensation amount varies. The fee charged for the course is mostly around 50 to 200 yuan. According to different prices, different amounts of compensation can be applied for, including with and without compensation.

  However, on Tieba, there are also netizens who say they have been deceived: "There is a liar in the bar, he asked me to use his number to place an order and go to Xianyu. After I received the goods, he asked me Xianyu to confirm receipt, he said he would return it tomorrow, and then I chose to believe him. The funds were frozen, and I also helped him lift it, and today I found out that he ran away." Some netizens said I have also encountered it.

  Merchants choose compensation for those who settle down

  Beiqing Daily reporter saw that these compensation is a loophole in the food safety protection policy of the takeaway platform. Meituan’s "Eat with confidence" service agreement shows that there are foreign objects in the food, food deterioration and physical discomfort after using the food. The specific compensation liability and compensation standard are subject to the insurance policy and insurance terms provided by the underwriting insurance company to the merchant who orders takeaway products from the user. The insurance claim amount will be determined with reference to the amount of the food in question and the actual situation. also said that there is "food safety insurance". If you find that the food has deteriorated, there are foreign objects or you can apply for a claim. The claims that can be applied for include the following three categories: 1. There are foreign objects: the food is mixed with inedible foreign objects; 2. Food deterioration and expiration: raw, charred, deteriorated, exceeded the shelf life, etc.; 3. Medical treatment: food poisoning, suffering from other foodborne diseases. Just submit the proof picture as required in the app.

  Businesses have complained bitterly about malicious bad reviews. Located in Jiayuan Sanli Underground Food City in Fengtai District, one merchant said it had also received several complaints about foreign objects in takeaways. "Customers" opened their mouths and demanded a claim of 1,000 yuan under the Food Safety Law. "We can’t make 1,000 yuan a day, but if we don’t compensate them, they keep calling and harassing." Another victim, Mr. Wang, said, "One day I lost 1,800 yuan, so angry that I really want to close the store."

  The manager of a nationally renowned Sichuan restaurant chain, Ms Zhang, said that her store, located in Lize Tianjie, Fengtai District, Beijing, was the victim of a malicious professional claim. According to the store manager, Ms Zhang, she once received a photo of a "customer" with a bleeding mouth, saying that a stone had been eaten in the takeaway and his mouth was torn. She claimed 1,000 yuan and asked for compensation for medical expenses. But when Ms Zhang asked the "customer" to come to the store to negotiate a solution and provide a medical certificate, she was decisively rejected. Finally, after reporting to the headquarters, she compensated 800 yuan before it was settled. Later, Ms. Zhang accidentally found in the internal work group that her brand’s stores in Chaoyang District and Shijingshan District also had the same claims, and the photos of "customer" feedback were exactly the same as what she had received before.

  Most merchants are afraid of trouble, and in the attitude of doing more than less, they usually choose to calm down. "If you don’t ask too much, you can pay some money." A takeaway merchant said.

  Beiqing Daily reporter learned from the Meituan platform that the platform also has the ability to identify some abnormal transaction behaviors. Once malicious claims are found, the platform will not only restrict their rights and interests, but also sort out relevant clues and evidence, and submit them to the market supervision department and the police, and cooperate with relevant departments to crack down. Meituan Takeaway has established a malicious claims governance team. In the past year, it has cooperated with multiple market supervision departments and the police to crack 30 cases, arrested more than 40 people, and helped merchants recover losses of 24 million yuan through platform governance and filing cases.

  Criminals have been detained for similar acts

  Black industry community sold takeaway order food fraud tutorial, not only increased the cost of compensation for businesses and platforms, but also disrupted the normal business environment. Beiqing Daily reporter saw that at present, there are cases of criminals being criminally detained by the public security organs for similar acts. The two men ordered drinks from the takeaway platform, and then caught flying insects and put them in the drink, in order to demand huge compensation from the merchant. After tasting the sweetness, they did the same again and again. In just half a year, the illegal profit was 24,000 yuan. Finally, after the merchant called the police, the two men were sentenced for involvement in extortion.

  Boss Wang, the person in charge of a restaurant, said that he was very aggrieved when he received a similar refund application: "I checked it well before taking it out, it can’t be the problem here!" But because the diner Li was firm and threatened Boss Wang with a bad review, and the amount asked was not large, Boss Wang thought about spending money to ensure safety and hastily refunded the money. But after a while, Boss Wang found that the user with the same address actually initiated a refund to him again for the same reason, and then reported the matter to the platform. After receiving the report from Boss Wang, the platform quickly investigated the user and reported the case to the police. The police investigation found that from March 2021, Li used his mother and his five mobile phone numbers to order takeout, and then put a hair in the meal, and then initiated a refund to the merchant on this grounds. According to police statistics, Li maliciously extorted more than 200 times, involving a total amount of nearly 10,000 yuan. Due to the suspected crime of extortion, compulsory measures have been taken.

  Zhao Zhan, a lawyer at Beijing Jiawei Law Firm, told the Beijing Youth Daily that making up food problems for extortion may involve criminal offenses, such as extortion, while those who teach others to defraud and post bad comments may be involved in teaching criminal methods.

  Lawyer Wang Qiongfei, founding partner of Zhejiang Kenting Law Firm, told Beiqing Daily that if the content of underground industry tutorials is disseminated on online platforms, and the content of teaching involves illegal crimes, the disseminator may be suspected of teaching criminal methods; according to Article 295 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China (amended in 2020), "Anyone who teaches criminal methods shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years, criminal detention or public surveillance; if the circumstances are particularly serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years or life imprisonment."

  At the same time, according to the provisions of Article 8 and Article 10 of the Provisions on the Ecological Governance of Network Information Content, short video platforms, communities, Tieba, etc. as online information content service platforms, shall improve the information release review, real-time inspection, black industry chain information disposal and other systems, find illegal content, take immediate disposal measures, keep records and report to the relevant departments.

  Text/Our reporter, Wen Jing, intern, Mei Jinghan

  Coordinator/Chi Haibo

"The Wild Goose Lake" is released, Hu Ge Guilun Magnesium gathers for the New Year

1905 movie network news On December 6th, the film was officially released, and the word-of-mouth video of "All Seas Gathering" was also released simultaneously. The film was directed by Diao Yinan, starring Hu Ge and Gui Lunmei, and Liao Fan and Wan Qian were specially starred, starring in Qidao. With fresh crime elements, in-depth interpretations of powerful casts and exquisite audio-visual language, the film was not only shortlisted for the main competition unit of the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival, but also gained a good reputation in domestic multi-city screenings. Audience expectations continued to rise. On December 5th, the film held a special premiere in Shanghai, and the film director Diao Yinan, starring Hu Ge and Gui Lunmei appeared in the studio to interact with fans in depth.

Fully upgraded, Diao Yinan’s new ritual crime will be released on December 6

early2014In 2008, Diao Yinan directed the works in the first64The Berlin International Film Festival won the Best Film Golden Bear Award and the Best Actor Silver Bear Award, becoming the second film in the history of Berlin to receive both golden bears and silver bears. "The Wild Goose Lake", as a sincere work of Diao Yinan’s five years of hard work, was also shortlisted for the first place with excellent standards72Dozens of important international film festivals, including the main competition section of the Cannes International Film Festival, have been praised by foreign media as "Ingenious crime epic","Brilliant film noir, romantic and exciting".

It is reported that the film was filmed in Wuhan. In order to ensure the immersion and immersion of the performance, the director not only required the starring actor to use Wuhan dialect dialogue throughout the whole process, but also used the "Dashun Shooting" method to shoot.With exquisite audio-visual language, it presents a very local style of light and shadow wonders.Reproduce the miniature landscape of Wuhan from the inside out.

In this regard, Diao Yinan believes: "Such a space can lead the characters and stories, waiting for them to open up." Whether it is genre elements, audio-visual presentation or pre-shooting, the film "The Wild Goose Lake" can be regarded as a unique ritual crime genre film, and has also been called by film critics as "an upgrade of the director’s personal style".

A good show gathers, Hu Ge Guilun Magnesium Liao Fan Wanqian goes to the puzzle together

As the latest masterpiece of director Diao Yinan’s comprehensive upgrade, the film has the strength of a "top match" cast in a crime genre film: Hu Ge once won the Magnolia Best Actor Award for his TV series "Langya List", and the literary and artistic Gui Lun Magnesium also has wonderful performances in commercial films. Liao Fan is the first Chinese actor to win the Silver Bear Award at the Berlin International Film Festival, and Wan Qian and Qi Dao have also been nominated for major TV film festivals. A group of people who are "good plays" will surely contribute to wonderful "good plays".

In addition, the difficulty of the performance of this film made several powerful actors dare not take it lightly: Hu Ge broke through himself, interpreting the little people struggling on the edge, drying the lamp every day, practicing fighting, and even deliberately maintaining a state of anxiety and exhaustion, just to get close to the character; Gui Lunmei came to Wuhan to live in advance, visiting the streets and alleys to experience the living environment of the characters; Liao Fan often communicated with local vendors to feel the necessary market atmosphere of the local police; Wan Qian spent two weeks learning carpentry for a few seconds of footage.

Vigorous and strange, the whole process of urban "story meeting" is romantic and high-energy

The movie "The Wild Goose Lake" tells the story of Zhou Zenong, the leader of a car theft gang, who embarks on the road of escape under a heavy reward and sets up a game with Liu Aiai, an accompanying swimming girl, in order to obtain the bounty. In addition to the dramatic core of the "story club", high-energy scenes in the film are also abundant. Famous scenes such as "street racing", "enclave gunfights" and "gang infighting" make the audience shout: "See the heart pounding!" According to director Diao Yinan, the inspiration for the story originally came from unintentional ideas. It was not until seeing similar cases in the coverage that reality and fantasy became portrayals of each other that they decidedseriousLet’s turn this idea into a movie.

As the star Gui Lunmei said: "Crime and love are one and the same." In this crime film full of temptations and suspicions, Diao Yinan tries to create more mysterious characters and emotional trends: Zhou Zenong and Liu Aiai meet by chance, and in the end they have mutual pity and become accomplices; he and his wife Yang Shujun have not seen each other for several years, but they are determined to die for their wife and children. From Zhou Zenong’s "life return run" to Liu Aiai’s inner kindness awakening, the film’s human glimmer conveys the director’s realistic care.

Talking about the deeper meaning of the characters in the film, Hu Ge said: "From these little characters on the edge, I can see that every individual is equal, has the instinct to survive, and struggles with fate. At the same time, we can also see the warmth in them and the brilliance of humanity in this process. Although they are very distant and unfamiliar characters from me, I can still be deeply moved by them." Gui Lunmei also shared her understanding: "The most fascinating thing about Liu Aiai’s character for me is that she still maintains a very simple part. In the end, she can make moral choices because of her simplicity."

The movie "The Wild Goose Lake" is currently being screened nationwide.

What The Wandering Earth 2 didn’t say is here

The earth itself is not a hard rock, 40-70 kilometers below the earth’s crust is lava, which is somewhat similar to the structure of an egg. If you want to drive more than 10,000 engines, it will take only a hundred years to push the earth to "walk", and the engine will put pressure on the earth, which the earth cannot afford, and will break the shell of the "egg". And if the engine slowly accelerates and gradually reaches maximum power, the earth will be "wandering" for a longer time, or even thousands of years. During the "wandering" period, it is difficult to predict what will happen to the earth, what will happen to it, and what human civilization will experience.

If the solar crisis is imminent, how can human beings survive? As the only planet known to exist in the Milky Way, the earth is always "roasted" by the sun.

In five or six billion years, the sun is nearing the "end" of its life, and this "roasting" will become extremely deadly.

The recent blockbuster film "The Wandering Earth 2" unfolds against this backdrop of impending doom. In the film, humans try to find a chance to survive with the help of 10,000 giant planetary engines, quantum computers that understand everything, and towering space elevators.

So, in reality, will the sun eventually deal a fatal blow to the earth? Will the earth decline with the sun? Can planetary engines really push the earth to "wander"? To this end, the Science and Technology Daily reporter interviewed a number of scientific consultants, experts and scholars of "Wandering Earth 2" to interpret the hard core science about "Wandering Earth".

If the sun comes to an end, will the earth be spared?

The sun crisis had just appeared, and humans had joined hands to face it… The future depicted in "The Wandering Earth 2" was cruel but exciting.

The sun, a huge "fireball" about 150 million kilometers from the earth, is the largest celestial body in the solar system. About 4.60 billion years ago, about 26,000 light-years from the center of the Milky Way, the sun was formed by the collapse of a nebula under the influence of its own attractive force.

At present, the sun is in its prime, astronomically known as the main sequence stage, which lasts about 10 billion years. It brings light and energy to the earth, and is an essential factor in the origin of life. But sunspots, flares, and coronal mass ejections also often cause damage to human production and life.

However, the sun will eventually age, and the origin of "The Wandering Earth 2" is the rapid expansion and aging of the sun.

More than 90 per cent of stars in the Milky Way eventually become white dwarfs. At the end of their evolution, they devour nearby planets. As an "ordinary" star, the Sun also ends up as a white dwarf. Does this mean that the planets around the Sun, including the Earth, are destined to be devoured as well?

"If the planet is relatively close to the star, it is very likely to be swallowed by the star," Gou Lijun, a scientific advisor to The Wandering Earth 2 and a researcher at the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told Science and Technology Daily.

However, "being swallowed" is not the only destination for a planet. The sun will eventually experience an outburst of a planetary nebula and become a white dwarf. Around the white dwarf, the original planets may also exist.

With the improvement of human observation methods, astronomers have indeed discovered some planets orbiting white dwarfs around them.

On September 16, 2020, the international authoritative academic journal Nature published an article saying that a team of American scientists had for the first time published evidence of a Jupiter-sized planet orbiting a white dwarf. In addition, in February 2022, British astronomers discovered that a planet may also exist in the "habitable" zone near a white dwarf named WD1054-226, 117 light-years away from Earth.

Can the earth escape and avoid the "solar crisis"?

In 2078, the earth will encounter the "helium flash" crisis of the sun, which is the key to the human decision to "wander" in the movie.

The helium flash is a key link in the evolution of the sun, and it is also the moment of life and death when the earth accepts the sun’s "roast".

"The sun shines because the core of the sun is undergoing a nuclear reaction, where hydrogen is fused to form helium. This process will gradually consume hydrogen, which will then lead to the collapse of the sun’s core. At the same time, the envelope outside the sun’s core expands under high pressure." Chen Pengfei, a professor at the School of Astronomy and Space Sciences at Nanjing University, told reporters. "When the core of the sun, which is mainly composed of helium, gradually contracts, its temperature is also getting higher and higher. When the temperature reaches about 100 million degrees Celsius, the helium will be ignited, and a large amount of helium will complete the fusion reaction in a few minutes. The energy released is huge, and the light emitted will suddenly increase by about 50 times. This process is helium flash."

In more than five billion years, after the sun becomes a red giant, its surface temperature may drop from more than 5,700 degrees Celsius now to about 3,000 degrees Celsius, when the hydrogen in the sun’s core will be exhausted. "Helium flashes usually occur at the end of the evolution of red giants," said Liang Wenjie, a scientific consultant for Wandering Earth 2 and a researcher at the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. "In the red giant stage, the sun has expanded to Earth’s orbit, and the surface temperature reaches about 3,000 degrees Celsius, while the melting temperature of the earth’s rocks is below 2,000 degrees Celsius. Therefore, whether it is a temperature change in the red giant stage or a sudden explosion of helium flashes, the earth will melt."

If the survival crisis of the earth is inevitable in more than 5 billion years, can it be avoided in advance during the "expansion period" of the sun, change the orbit and find another place, and return to the original earth orbit after the helium flash and other crises are lifted?

Liang Wenjie believes that even if the solar crisis is lifted and the earth returns to its original orbit, it may not be of much significance to the earth, "because the sun has entered the aging period at that time, and the heat it provides should not be able to support the survival of life on earth. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in the solar system are all frozen planets due to their distance from the sun, and the temperature of the planet is minus one or two hundred degrees Celsius. If the earth wants to return to the sun to obtain energy, it will have to constantly correct its orbit and approach the sun, but in the end the’big fireball ‘of the sun will still be’extinguished’."

"Even if it is possible to temporarily’run away from home ‘and then return home, the earth needs to accelerate out of the original orbit and then slow down. The process of adjusting the speed will be very long, and it will consume huge energy on the earth, and the project will be huge. What’s more, the process of returning to the earth’s current orbit and approaching the sun also has risks," Liang Wenjie said.

And if you give up the sun and find other stars, you will also face greater challenges. Gou Lijun believes that if the earth chooses another "habitat" in the universe and chooses a new star to orbit, it means to "adapt" to a new planetary orbit. Then the speed, direction, energy, etc. of entering the orbit need to be accurately measured, and it is difficult for human existing technology to achieve planetary celestial bodies in the short term.

Would nuclear fusion be a better "wandering" solution?

In the film, humans tried to find life at the end of the world through the Mountain Moving Project, the Ark Project, the Monthly Project, and the Digital Life Project. In the end, tens of thousands of giant planetary engines became the hope to push the earth to start a "wandering journey".

Mr. Liang, who has advised on the film’s planetary and lunar engines, the physics of the month-by-month plan and the way the moon explodes, said: "Artistically, the’wandering ‘way of the earth in the film is a great imagination, but it is still difficult to achieve at the current level of science."

Liang Wenjie explained: "The earth itself is not a hard rock, 40-70 kilometers below the earth’s crust is lava, which is a bit similar to the structure of an egg. If you want to drive more than 10,000 engines, and it only takes a hundred years to push the earth to’walk ‘, the engine will put pressure on the earth, which is beyond the earth’s ability to bear, and will break the shell of the’egg’. And if the engine accelerates slowly and gradually reaches maximum power, the earth will be’wandering ‘for a longer time, even thousands of years. During the’wandering’ period, it is difficult to predict what will happen to the earth, what will happen to it, and what human civilization will experience."

"But if you consider the energy supply method, controlled nuclear fusion is worth looking forward to, although it still faces great technical challenges." Liang Wenjie introduced that nuclear fusion is in the case of high temperature, two atomic nuclei collide with each other, and eventually combine to form a new atomic nucleus, which can release huge energy. The key to this is to continuously export the energy produced by nuclear fusion for a long time. To achieve this, many technical problems need to be overcome.

However, even if the nuclear fusion of hydrogen could eventually be realized and provide a large amount of energy for humanity, the important raw materials for nuclear fusion, deuterium and tritium, were in low abundance in the earth’s seawater, and the reserves of helium-3, the raw material for nuclear fusion, were also extremely scarce. Therefore, based on the total amount of resources currently available to humans, the energy of nuclear fusion is still not enough to push the earth out of the solar system.

So, is it possible to "burn stones" like in "The Wandering Earth 2" and obtain energy through heavy nuclear fusion? Liang Wenjie said that heavy nuclear fusion refers to the use of heavier elements such as silicon and oxygen as fusion raw materials to obtain nuclear energy. Compared with light nuclear fusion using deuterium, tritium, and helium-3 as raw materials, heavy nuclear fusion is very inefficient in obtaining fusion energy. Although silicon and oxygen elements have a large proportion in the earth’s crust, in order to overcome the huge electrostatic repulsion between the nuclei of heavy elements and make them produce nuclear fusion reactions, higher temperatures and stronger pressures are required, and the reaction temperature even needs to reach billions of degrees Celsius, which greatly challenges the current scientific and technological capabilities of mankind.

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Are there wandering planets in the universe?

If one day, the earth had to embark on a "wandering" journey, would it be possible to encounter celestial bodies that "sympathize with each other" in the vast universe?

According to Gou Lijun, a scientific advisor of "Wandering Earth 2" and a researcher at the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, there is a type of planet that does not orbit any star in the universe, namely the wandering planet. At present, humans have detected about 100 wandering planets, the larger ones are about ten times the size of Jupiter, and the smaller ones are close to the earth.

"According to the current understanding, there may be two ways for stray planets to form: one is that when they form, only the planets themselves. Another possibility is that the planet is’ejected ‘from the star system." For example, if a larger star is near the solar system, it is possible that under the action of attractive forces, the outermost planet of the solar system may deviate from its original orbit and eventually leave the solar system.

Liang Wenjie, a science adviser for "The Wandering Earth 2" and a researcher at the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, offered another hypothesis: Large stars experience a violent explosion at the end of their evolution, a supernova explosion, and eject a large amount of interstellar material. "Planets near the star may be ejected from their original orbits at this time and become wandering planets."

In recent years, with the improvement of observation technology, stray planets have been continuously discovered by humans. In August 2018, American scientists confirmed that a planet about 12 times the mass of Jupiter was wandering alone about 20 light-years away from the earth and was not attached to any star. It was the first stray planet discovered by radio telescopes.

In 2020, American and Polish astronomers wrote in the Astrophysical Journal Letters that they might have discovered the smallest known rogue planet, with a microscopic attractive force lens, that "weighs" about 10 percent of Earth.

"Wandering planets do not emit light, so it is difficult to detect them. They are often discovered due to an accidental event, so they are paid attention to by the detector for a very short time, which also leads to the current research on wandering planets is very limited." According to Gou Lijun, according to the current level of human technology, it is impossible to determine whether there is life on wandering planets.

Liang Wenjie analyzed that in addition to the elements that make up life, such as amino acids, carbon, hydrogen and other substances, the existence of life also requires a suitable temperature. "The evolution of the universe sometimes ejects some organic matter onto the star, and the survival of organic matter requires a suitable temperature. Wandering planets do not heat up, and there are no stars to provide heat for them, so they will continue to cool down until they reach the lowest temperature in the universe. Such low temperatures are difficult to breed life," Liang Wenjie said.

Source: Science and Technology Daily


Editor in charge: Feng Zheng

Yang Mi’s "face change" video hot AI makes you change whoever you want?

  Recently, some netizens uploaded a video of Yang Mi "changing his face". In the video, the producer used AI technology to change Yang Mi’s face to Zhu Yin’s character Huang Rong in "The Legend of the Condor Hero". The video immediately triggered a heated discussion on the whole network, and there were continuous hot searches. Users said that the video had no sense of inconsistency, and even "thanks to technology, Yang Mi finally has acting skills". In addition to the large-scale amazement of the Internet, this black technology of "changing faces every minute" also makes people think carefully and feel terrifying.

  Yangzi Evening News/Eye Raising Reporter, Kong Xiaoping

  [Event playback]

  "Yang Mi’s version of Huang Rong" has no flaws

  In the 94th edition of "The Legend of the Condor Hero", Zhu Yin played Huang Rong, who was very smart and playful, and many scenes could be called classics. Bilibili, a UP master named "Brother Face Changer", used AI technology to replace Yang Mi’s face with "Huang Rong" in the play. Looking at it, "Yang Mi’s version of Huang Rong"’s expression and body movements were very smooth, and no flaws could be seen at all. Because it was too realistic, it quickly caused an uproar on the Internet. It is reported that the face-changing brother has previously released a number of videos of changing faces for film and television characters, including Dragon Mom in A Song of Ice and Fire, Rose in Titanic, Liu Piao Piao in King of Comedy, Laura in Tomb Raider, etc., and the replacements are all Yang Mi.

  This is not an exception

  After the video appeared, netizens went from stunned to amazed. There was even a topic on the Internet called "Replace Zhu Yin’s Huang Rong with Yang Mi’s face", and the reading volume actually soared to 110 million, and there were 25,000 discussions. Some netizens said that with the blessing of technology, anyone can become an acting school. Will face-changing technology become a new shortcut for performers? In the future, celebrities don’t need to be present for filming, they can directly sign a license contract "allowing face-changing", and they can produce film and television works.

  In fact, "AI face-changing" did not start with @face-changing brother, but attracted wider attention because of "Yang Mi’s version of Huang Rong".

  The tool used by @Face Changer to make this realistic video was called deepfake. It appeared abroad in 2017. Some people used celebrities to make some indecent videos. Unfortunately, the celebrities who were recruited included Gail Gadot, Scarlett Johansson, etc. At that time, it caused a lot of controversy, and many platforms explicitly banned the dissemination of such videos.

  "It’s simply a technical obscenity, ask for rectification"

  After deepfake was introduced into China, some netizens in China have also made face-changing videos. For example, the female live streaming host that otaku men love to see has been replaced by a domestic popular flower, with hundreds of thousands of views. Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson once predicted that "it is only a matter of time before anyone becomes the target of this technology."

  Therefore, the reporter saw that many sober netizens also realized that public figures only bear the brunt of "technology". If someone maliciously uses and abuses, anyone can become anyone, and it is not safe for everyone. Some netizens said that "face changing" is simply a naked "technical obscenity". Countless netizens called on relevant departments to "seek rectification"!

  The publisher has removed the relevant videos from the shelves.

  On the 27th, the video publisher @facechanger issued an apology on Weibo, saying that it had communicated with Yang Mi’s official studio and removed the relevant video. He also said that ordinary AI face-changing technology may only be used for entertainment purposes, and higher-level AI technology such as military use has high security, and current civilian AI technology will not pose a threat. He also said that this is a warning to everyone that everyone should respect copyright and portrait rights and focus on the technology itself.

  [Chain reaction]

  Thinking about it carefully, I feel very terrifying. Is it safe to pay by brushing your face?

  This incident has undoubtedly caused a certain negative impact on society, but it is terrifying to think about it carefully. Nowadays, AI is used in various scenarios such as autonomous driving, facial recognition, smart cities, and smart homes, including facial recognition systems. However, once the back-end control system is attacked, there will be a large-scale and chain collapse, and the consequences of AI getting out of control will be unimaginable. According to online reports, in January 2019, the Dutch Deeptrace Laboratory released a deepfake development report saying that the number of searches for "deepfake" keywords in 2018 increased by 1,000 times compared with 2017.

  On the night of the 27th, @AliSecurity made a popular science and response on Weibo. Jue Ao, an advanced algorithm expert at AliSecurity Turing Lab, pointed out in the video that the current mainstream face-changing technology is based on deep learning models, and its core is an "autoencoder". Specifically, through face detection technology, it takes thousands to tens of thousands of faces to capture the faces of two people in the video, such as Zhu Yin and Yang Mi. After training, enter Zhu Yin’s face to generate Yang Mi’s face.

  What kind of problems will the application of this technology cause? Jue Ao said that in addition to the moral and ethical issues caused by face changing, the "black and gray industry" uses AI to change faces, which is a common attack method. "In the facial recognition system, the technology of recognizing face changing is called live detection technology, which is an attack and defense confrontation technology, that is, using AI means to solve AI attacks." Jue Ao also said that through deep learning technology, training models can be identified by the difference in texture, skin color, reflection and other characteristics of the two. It can be achieved in milliseconds to find fake faces, and the current recognition accuracy rate is 99.9%. At the same time, he also pointed out, "In recent years, due to the rapid development of deep learning, the technology of attack and defense has been constantly improving. This is a process of continuous and dynamic confrontation, and we have the confidence and ability to do it well."

  To this end, @Ali security said that Ali’s facial recognition live detection technology can be identified in milliseconds, the success rate is as high as 99.9%, and there are still prevention and control technologies.

  [Reporter interview]

  New technologies cannot break through the legal bottom line

  Xu Difeng, a professor and doctoral director at Nanjing University Law School, said in an interview with reporters that there have been infringement acts of imitating the voices of celebrities in the past. He believes that there is no right or wrong for "AI face-changing" as a technology. AI face-changing celebrities are similar to the behavior of using other people’s photos without permission, and they are all suspected of infringing the right of portrait. Platforms and individuals who use technology unreasonably should be bound by the law.

  Where are the boundaries of the application of "face changing"? Xu Difeng said that in the past, it was PS photos, but now face changing is PS videos, and the legal awareness that other people’s photos and videos cannot be used casually is also gradually developing. In addition, this AI face changing technology has certain latent risks, and there are currently legal norms applicable to it.

  In the interview, some experts in communication also said that the development of AI technology allows ordinary people to enjoy the convenience brought by technology, but new technologies should drive the renewal and iteration of benign cultural creativity, avoid using crooked roads, and do not break through the bottom line to challenge public order and good customs.

Ren Xianqi became a father again, and his wife gave birth to a baby boy by premature caesarean section (Photos)


RenXianqi, a well-known film and television song star. Photo by Li Haijun, China News Agency

  China News Service, February 14, actor Ren Xianqi added another family member the day before yesterday (13th), and his wife Tina gave birth to a baby boy by caesarean section in Hong Kong at noon the day before yesterday, weighing 5 pounds and 3 ounces, which just made up a "good" word with her daughter.

  According to the Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, Tina suddenly suffered from abdominal pain on the evening of the 12th, and Xiao Qi immediately accompanied Tina to the hospital, but did not accompany his wife to the delivery room. Xiao Qi said that he would cooperate with Gu Tianle later to shoot Du Qifeng’s new film, so he would stay in Hong Kong to try out styling. And his wife Tina also gave birth in Hong Kong in order to accompany him. Xiao Qi said that he was still on stage in the United States before. Fortunately, he had rushed back to Hong Kong to accompany Tina on the 11th, so he could meet the BB who was born a month earlier than the due date with Tina. He laughed and said that he was at a loss because he was not prepared. He did not even change the BB name, but the most important thing was that the mother and child were safe.


Editor in charge: Huo Yunxia

Demystifying Apple’s entry into low-orbit satellite communications, led by SpaceX, OneWeb, and China’s Starlink will also be launched

Recently, well-known Apple analyst Guo Mingjun pointed out in the latest report that the iPhone 13 series mobile phone will be equipped with hardware that can connect to low-orbit satellites. After enabling relevant software functions, it will allow iPhone 13 users to make calls and send messages without 4G or 5G networks. Although the news was soon refuted by Bloomberg, saying that Apple is indeed developing satellite functions for iPhone, but it is unlikely to be launched in 2021, it can be confirmed that iPhone will add satellite communication functions is certain.

In this issue of intelligent internal reference, we recommend the report of Tianfeng Securities to reveal the current situation and trends of Apple’s entry into the low-orbit satellite communication market.

Source, Tianfeng Securities

Original title:



Over the weekend, Ming Kuo, who has always been accurate in breaking the latest news from Apple, released a big news. He revealed that the iPhone 13, the latest generation of iPhone that Apple will release this fall, will have the function of satellite communication! iPhone 13 will be equipped with a specially improved X60 baseband chip developed by Qualcomm. And the chip supports the n53 band owned by satellite communication company Globalstar. That is, even without 4G, 5G mobile signals and Wi-Fi, the new iPhone can send messages and make calls.

Bloomberg later published an article that partially confirmed Kuo’s claim, and posted the script that the latest generation of iPhone satellite communication is not a routine function, but is limited to emergency use. For example, in the wilderness, or in the absence of Wi-Fi and mobile signal scenarios, users can use limited satellite communication functions to call the police for help.

In satellite mode, there is a word limit on the number of messages a user can send, and iMessage is grayed out. Nonetheless, there are unique features to this type of urgent message. For example, even if the recipient of the message (the emergency contact you set) turns on Do Not Disturb mode, it can still receive a message sent via satellite communication and will display a notification.

However, the Bloomberg article also pointed out that the new iPhone may only contain components that support satellite communication, but it does not necessarily mean that the supporting functions will also be launched with iPhone 13. The official launch of these functions may not be earlier than next year. But in any case, Apple’s entry into low-orbit satellites has become a foregone conclusion.

Qualcomm has been working closely with Global Satellite Communications. As early as February this year, Qualcomm announced that,

Demystifying Apple's entry into low-orbit satellite communications, led by SpaceX and OneWeb, China's Starlink will also be launched

Demystifying Apple's entry into low-orbit satellite communications, led by SpaceX and OneWeb, China's Starlink will also be launched

Demystifying Apple's entry into low-orbit satellite communications, led by SpaceX and OneWeb, China's Starlink will also be launched

Demystifying Apple's entry into low-orbit satellite communications, led by SpaceX and OneWeb, China's Starlink will also be launched

Demystifying Apple's entry into low-orbit satellite communications, led by SpaceX and OneWeb, China's Starlink will also be launched

Another driving factor is political uncertainty.

Demystifying Apple's entry into low-orbit satellite communications, led by SpaceX and OneWeb, China's Starlink will also be launched

Demystifying Apple's entry into low-orbit satellite communications, led by SpaceX and OneWeb, China's Starlink will also be launched

Demystifying Apple's entry into low-orbit satellite communications, led by SpaceX and OneWeb, China's Starlink will also be launched


Smart ThingsIt is believed that, looking back at history, satellite Internet is not a new concept. The pattern of competition and cooperation between satellite communication and terrestrial communication has existed for a long time and will continue. At present, there are many companies entering the satellite Internet, and the competition is fierce. The two largest companies, StarLink and OneWeb, have successfully risen to the stars many times, which also allows us to see the dawn of the completion of the global satellite Internet constellation. And the construction of satellite Internet in our country has also reached a stage within our capabilities and cannot be delayed. In the future, our country will also have 1-2 space X and OneWeb-level space companies.

Amazing! The beauty of the four seasons in the 24 pictures, is there a scene you are familiar with?

Spring rain shocks spring and clears the valley sky

Summer and summer are connected

Autumn dew and autumn frost fall

Winter Snow Snow Winter Small Cold

The year changes, the seasons are reincarnated

Everything is busy and has its own season

The twenty-four solar terms accurately reflect the changes in natural rhythms and play an extremely important role in people’s daily lives. It is not only hailed as "China’s fifth great invention", but also included in the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. As an important part of the long history and culture of the Chinese nation, the twenty-four solar terms reflect our unique "Chinese-style romance" and the cultural confidence that flows in every Chinese DNA.

Since last year, we have captured the beauty of Maqiao’s 24 solar terms with our cameras. After a year, this group of 24 solar terms has finally been assembled! Through the change of seasons and seasonal changes, we have recorded the grass and trees, clouds, people coming and going, and fireworks in Maqiao…

Beginnings of Spring



vernal equinox

Qingming Festival

Grain Rain




Summer Solstice

Slight Heat

Great Heat

Beginning of Autumn

summer vacation

White Dew

autumnal equinox

Cold Dew


Beginning of Winter

Light Snow

heavy snow

Winter Solstice

Slight Cold

Great Cold

Photo: Maqiao Town

Editor: Xu Yuxin