Ren Xianqi became a father again, and his wife gave birth to a baby boy by premature caesarean section (Photos)


RenXianqi, a well-known film and television song star. Photo by Li Haijun, China News Agency

  China News Service, February 14, actor Ren Xianqi added another family member the day before yesterday (13th), and his wife Tina gave birth to a baby boy by caesarean section in Hong Kong at noon the day before yesterday, weighing 5 pounds and 3 ounces, which just made up a "good" word with her daughter.

  According to the Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, Tina suddenly suffered from abdominal pain on the evening of the 12th, and Xiao Qi immediately accompanied Tina to the hospital, but did not accompany his wife to the delivery room. Xiao Qi said that he would cooperate with Gu Tianle later to shoot Du Qifeng’s new film, so he would stay in Hong Kong to try out styling. And his wife Tina also gave birth in Hong Kong in order to accompany him. Xiao Qi said that he was still on stage in the United States before. Fortunately, he had rushed back to Hong Kong to accompany Tina on the 11th, so he could meet the BB who was born a month earlier than the due date with Tina. He laughed and said that he was at a loss because he was not prepared. He did not even change the BB name, but the most important thing was that the mother and child were safe.


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