"The Wild Goose Lake" is released, Hu Ge Guilun Magnesium gathers for the New Year

1905 movie network news On December 6th, the film was officially released, and the word-of-mouth video of "All Seas Gathering" was also released simultaneously. The film was directed by Diao Yinan, starring Hu Ge and Gui Lunmei, and Liao Fan and Wan Qian were specially starred, starring in Qidao. With fresh crime elements, in-depth interpretations of powerful casts and exquisite audio-visual language, the film was not only shortlisted for the main competition unit of the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival, but also gained a good reputation in domestic multi-city screenings. Audience expectations continued to rise. On December 5th, the film held a special premiere in Shanghai, and the film director Diao Yinan, starring Hu Ge and Gui Lunmei appeared in the studio to interact with fans in depth.

Fully upgraded, Diao Yinan’s new ritual crime will be released on December 6

early2014In 2008, Diao Yinan directed the works in the first64The Berlin International Film Festival won the Best Film Golden Bear Award and the Best Actor Silver Bear Award, becoming the second film in the history of Berlin to receive both golden bears and silver bears. "The Wild Goose Lake", as a sincere work of Diao Yinan’s five years of hard work, was also shortlisted for the first place with excellent standards72Dozens of important international film festivals, including the main competition section of the Cannes International Film Festival, have been praised by foreign media as "Ingenious crime epic","Brilliant film noir, romantic and exciting".

It is reported that the film was filmed in Wuhan. In order to ensure the immersion and immersion of the performance, the director not only required the starring actor to use Wuhan dialect dialogue throughout the whole process, but also used the "Dashun Shooting" method to shoot.With exquisite audio-visual language, it presents a very local style of light and shadow wonders.Reproduce the miniature landscape of Wuhan from the inside out.

In this regard, Diao Yinan believes: "Such a space can lead the characters and stories, waiting for them to open up." Whether it is genre elements, audio-visual presentation or pre-shooting, the film "The Wild Goose Lake" can be regarded as a unique ritual crime genre film, and has also been called by film critics as "an upgrade of the director’s personal style".

A good show gathers, Hu Ge Guilun Magnesium Liao Fan Wanqian goes to the puzzle together

As the latest masterpiece of director Diao Yinan’s comprehensive upgrade, the film has the strength of a "top match" cast in a crime genre film: Hu Ge once won the Magnolia Best Actor Award for his TV series "Langya List", and the literary and artistic Gui Lun Magnesium also has wonderful performances in commercial films. Liao Fan is the first Chinese actor to win the Silver Bear Award at the Berlin International Film Festival, and Wan Qian and Qi Dao have also been nominated for major TV film festivals. A group of people who are "good plays" will surely contribute to wonderful "good plays".

In addition, the difficulty of the performance of this film made several powerful actors dare not take it lightly: Hu Ge broke through himself, interpreting the little people struggling on the edge, drying the lamp every day, practicing fighting, and even deliberately maintaining a state of anxiety and exhaustion, just to get close to the character; Gui Lunmei came to Wuhan to live in advance, visiting the streets and alleys to experience the living environment of the characters; Liao Fan often communicated with local vendors to feel the necessary market atmosphere of the local police; Wan Qian spent two weeks learning carpentry for a few seconds of footage.

Vigorous and strange, the whole process of urban "story meeting" is romantic and high-energy

The movie "The Wild Goose Lake" tells the story of Zhou Zenong, the leader of a car theft gang, who embarks on the road of escape under a heavy reward and sets up a game with Liu Aiai, an accompanying swimming girl, in order to obtain the bounty. In addition to the dramatic core of the "story club", high-energy scenes in the film are also abundant. Famous scenes such as "street racing", "enclave gunfights" and "gang infighting" make the audience shout: "See the heart pounding!" According to director Diao Yinan, the inspiration for the story originally came from unintentional ideas. It was not until seeing similar cases in the coverage that reality and fantasy became portrayals of each other that they decidedseriousLet’s turn this idea into a movie.

As the star Gui Lunmei said: "Crime and love are one and the same." In this crime film full of temptations and suspicions, Diao Yinan tries to create more mysterious characters and emotional trends: Zhou Zenong and Liu Aiai meet by chance, and in the end they have mutual pity and become accomplices; he and his wife Yang Shujun have not seen each other for several years, but they are determined to die for their wife and children. From Zhou Zenong’s "life return run" to Liu Aiai’s inner kindness awakening, the film’s human glimmer conveys the director’s realistic care.

Talking about the deeper meaning of the characters in the film, Hu Ge said: "From these little characters on the edge, I can see that every individual is equal, has the instinct to survive, and struggles with fate. At the same time, we can also see the warmth in them and the brilliance of humanity in this process. Although they are very distant and unfamiliar characters from me, I can still be deeply moved by them." Gui Lunmei also shared her understanding: "The most fascinating thing about Liu Aiai’s character for me is that she still maintains a very simple part. In the end, she can make moral choices because of her simplicity."

The movie "The Wild Goose Lake" is currently being screened nationwide.

"Young Soldier" makes its debut, Jackie Chan abandons his son and elects Wang Leehom

Wang Leehom and Jackie Chan "Hello brothers"

Leehom Wang

Jackie Chan

Actress Lin Peng

Wu Yue

Jia Qi, Deputy Director of the Movie Channel Program Center

group photo of the main creator

  Movie Network News (Text/Xie Yawei, Photo/Yang Liu) On April 2, Jackie Chan’s new work "Young Soldier" held a media meeting in Beijing. Led by Jackie Chan, including director Ding Sheng, actors Wang Leehom, Liu Chengjun, Xu Dongmei, Lin Peng and other main creators made their first collective appearance. Jia Qi, deputy director of the film channel, also attended as a guest. Although the film has always maintained a very low-key attitude, on that day, Jackie Chan, the eldest brother, was quite interested. Not only did he sing a cappella on the spot, but he also broke out his nickname for his son Jaycee Chan – "Little House". He talked a lot of behind-the-scenes stories, and he liked to make fun of everyone.

  "Young Soldier" tells the story of the Warring States Period, when an ordinary soldier captured a general and planned to take him back to his own country. On the way back, many interesting or tragic stories happened. Jackie Chan was the "soldier", and Wang Leehom played the "young general".

Jackie Chan abandons "small house"

  Jackie Chan revealed that there were three candidates for the role of "Junior General": Jaycee, Daniel Wu, and Leehom Wang. At that time, his wife Lin Fengjiao strongly recommended that his son play the role, but Jackie Chan abandoned the Jaycee name, "’Little House’, Jaycee. If he played, the audience would just stare at him to see how he resembled me, and they couldn’t get into the movie at all. Wu Yanzu just worked with me on" Shinjuku Incident ", so Leehom Wang is the most suitable." Jackie Chan said that the three people’s image and temperament are quite similar. At this time, the host joked: "No, Jaycee’s eyes are not as big as Wang Leehom’s." The humorous Jackie Chan also pretended to be angry and confronted him, which attracted a lot of laughter from the audience.

Jackie Chan thinks Wang Leehom is "annoying"

  "Young Soldier" is Wang Leehom’s second film since "Lust and Caution," and the talented singer is also outstanding in performance. "Ten years ago, I saw him play the piano, violin, erhu, drums, and speak English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. I thought, how can this person know anything?" Jackie Chan and Wang Leehom have known each other for ten years, saying that if he were a girl, he would definitely fall in love with him. The eldest brother is full of praise for Wang Leehom, but when it comes to singing, he calls him "very annoying". "After I captured him in the film, I was very happy and sang the hometown tune. He always beat me behind me and corrected the rhythm. I couldn’t sing well. It was really annoying." After the joke, Jackie Chan hung his throat a few times and sang the "hometown tune" at the scene. This time, Wang Leehom didn’t dare to make trouble.

Xu Dongmei "Strong Kiss" Wang Leehom

  Jackie Chan’s female disciple Xu Dongmei plays a strong woman in the film, with a wild and unrestrained personality, similar to her own personality and temperament. Xu Dongmei’s first scene in the crew turned out to be kissing Wang Leehom. Talking about this matter, the fledgling she was a little embarrassed: "I love face very much. When I was told to kiss Wang Leehom, although I still acted cool and relaxed, I was already very nervous."

  The film’s other female lead, Lin Peng, who played a teacher at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, described her joining as a dream, while Jackie Chan said it was "purely accidental." "Lin Peng walked past me in the corridor of the Olympic venues, and I just thought, isn’t she that character?" In this way, "teacher" Lin Peng turned into "gentle woman" and had an emotional entanglement with Wang Leehom.

Big brother and Ding Sheng, fellow villagers meet fellow villagers

  Jackie Chan and Ding Sheng have worked together on four commercials, and it was the collaboration that made Jackie Chan fall in love with the young director many years ago. "I saw Ding Sheng’s work status on the scene at that time. He has a very clear idea and strong ability. Maybe because he is from Shandong, his personality is also very similar to mine, and I admire him very much." Jackie Chan said that he has been shooting movies for decades, and just by looking at the director’s work status on the scene, you can know whether he has real skills. "As soon as an expert makes a move, you will know if there is any." In a hurry, Jackie Chan burst into Cantonese. "This is the first time I have used a mainland team to shoot my own film. As the boss, I asked them to stop and rest four times. They are really dedicated." Jackie Chan said that in the near future, he will work with Ding Sheng again.

  At the scene, Jackie Chan’s disciple "New Seven Xiaofu" performed the theme song of "Little Soldier", which made people’s eyes shine with cool costumes and dances with martial arts movements. Director Ding Sheng revealed that the film has been shooting in Yunnan since it started shooting on February 3, and is now in Beijing. There are still three days to complete the pre-shooting.

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Ask the world M5 standard version debut, battery life of 1455 kilometers, 259,800 yuan on sale

Beijing News Shell Financial News (reporter promised) On July 2, at the AITO M5 Smart Driving Edition User Experience Day event, the AITO M5 Standard Edition officially appeared. On-site information shows that the battery life of the M5 Standard Edition has been upgraded to 1455 kilometers, and the rear-drive standard version 259,800 yuan and the M5 four-wheel drive standard version 279,800 yuan.

Deliveries of the model will start in August. At the event, Wang Yanmin, president of Huawei’s end point BG smart car business department, said that with the blessing of intelligent range extension technology, the standard version of the M5 does not need to be charged and refueled for long-distance travel. "It can be driven all the way from Shanghai to Beijing".

In addition, the M5 standard version models are equipped with an all-aluminum alloy chassis, which is fully balanced with the support of Huawei’s self-developed HUAWEI DATS (Dynamic Adaptive Torque System) and other technologies.

The M5 standard version is equipped with Huawei DriveONE pure electric drive platform, with a peak power of 365kW and a peak torque of 675N · m for the four-wheel drive standard version. With the standard front double fork arm and rear multi-link all-aluminum alloy chassis, the zero-hundred-kilometer acceleration time is 4.4 seconds.

Editor, Yue Caizhou, Proofreader, Wu Xingfa

2014 Beijing Auto Show: BYD Tang was officially released at the auto show.

speed up apply the brakes oil consumption second rice rise Still very fierce to test the new BYD Tang DM 80 first. Evaluation Editor-Liang Haiwen:

For its acceleration and braking performance, in fact, this level can already be predicted before the test, and the new Tang DM 80 impressed me deeply mainly because it should be said that it has done a good job in driving quality. The quiet and comfortable feeling when driving with pure electricity will make passengers have a good riding experience, and the excellent performance of kinetic energy recovery system is also an important assistant to reduce energy consumption/fuel consumption. On the whole, if you are interested in buying a hybrid model, Tang DM is a model worthy of special consideration.

Evaluation editor-Chen Hai maid:

The hybrid system of Tang DM can be said to be relatively mature, although it has a lot of bright data, such as speeding up the results in less than five seconds. But it is a family car after all, so I am actually more concerned about its pure battery life and daily driving experience. Fortunately, I am not disappointed. More importantly, the new Tang price is quite kind. Even if you don’t want a hybrid model, then the fuel version of less than 130,000 is believed to impress many friends.

Evaluation Editor-Huang Rongjia:

It is not news that Tang DM accelerates quickly. The old model itself is very fast, and the new generation has inherited the aura. What really surprises me is that the new generation of Tang DM is equipped with 22-inch rims and brembo six-piston brake calipers, and the vibration reduction effect is very good. If you consider that this is a medium-sized 7-seat SUV with less than 300,000, it is really exciting. For BYD, for China brand, it’s really disappointing this time, which makes people sit up and take notice.

The real endurance test of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM in extremely cold environment triggered a heated discussion!

   Recently, an extreme endurance test drive of Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM super-native hybrid vehicle has attracted wide attention. Although the new car has not yet been listed, there has been a discussion of various attitudes between the automobile circle and the audience, from affirmation to doubt, from praise to denial, and public opinion is boiling water. So, what about this test drive?

  Usually, the long endurance test drive of pure electric and hybrid vehicles has become a "traditional reserved track". Some people pay attention, but few people pay attention; If you don’t do it, you feel something is missing. Why can Starway Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM stir up this stagnant water? The "long endurance test" of other brands often presents the same beautiful scenery, the route is smooth and silky, and three core elements must be met: suitable temperature, minimizing load (even an extra charging line is considered redundant), and maintaining a stable speed. Although the test results under these customized conditions are good, consumers are increasingly indifferent to this "long endurance test". However, the long test drive of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM has attracted great attention from the media and users, because it uses a full-time live broadcast of a mirror. Let’s review it together, and there are many interesting reasons worthy of our study and discussion.

  The test lasted for more than 18 hours, which gradually made the audience feel that the test results did not seem so important to Xingtu brand. In fact, they are conducting a reality show, with real life scenes, real driving speed, real travel breaks, and even real lunch and a car full of happy friends. No matter whether the manufacturer designed it intentionally or at will, they let everyone see the real endurance test. Because only testing like daily life can truly evaluate the performance of vehicles and provide real reference for users’ future use.

  In the test of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM, the most lively place is the comment area in the live broadcast room. The pros and cons have a clear-cut stand, and the focus of debate revolves around whether the test is successful or not. Some people think that failing to reach the challenge goal of 1300 kilometers is a failure, although everyone witnessed the difficulties in the whole process of testing; Others think that 1300 kilometers is only the ideal data calculated according to WLTC working conditions. Under such extremely cold environment and high-speed driving test conditions, considering these losses, it is qualified to actually reach 900 kilometers, not to mention the actual cruising range of 1200 kilometers, which should be regarded as a great success. People have their own opinions, and there are certain reasons. However, I am more concerned about the performance of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM in the test drive. Through many details of the live broadcast, we can see that many people have a heated discussion about the endurance test results of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM. The reason why this test has attracted widespread attention is that it uses a live broadcast of a mirror to the end, presenting real life scenes and driving conditions. Different from the customized long endurance test of other brands, this test is closer to the daily use conditions, enabling consumers to truly evaluate the performance of vehicles.

  The whole test lasted more than 18 hours, during which the real driving speed, road rest and dining situation were displayed. The endurance test of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM is not only to show its cruising range, but also like a reality show, which makes the audience feel the real driving experience. This real test method makes people have a more intuitive understanding of the performance of vehicles and provides practical reference for future use.

  After all, the endurance performance of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM is only slightly different from the target value of 1300km under WLTC. Considering that WLTC is tested under ideal conditions, and there are various complicated environmental and road conditions in actual driving, this gap can be said to be minimal. Compared with other similar models, Starway Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM performs better in endurance. Secondly, the gold content of this endurance performance lies in the authenticity and reliability of the test process. Through the live broadcast of a mirror to the end, the audience can witness the driving situation and various challenges of the vehicle. This test method of actual driving makes the results more credible, eliminates the factors of human intervention, and makes people have a more intuitive understanding of the endurance performance of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM.

  In fact, through the details of the live broadcast, we can see the performance of the vehicle in extremely cold environment and high-speed driving conditions. These details show the characteristics of vehicle driving comfort, dynamic response and energy consumption control. According to these details, the audience can judge whether the vehicle meets their own needs and expectations.

  The gold content of this endurance performance also lies in the authenticity and reliability of the test process. Through the live broadcast of a mirror to the end, the audience can witness the driving situation and various challenges of the vehicle. This test method of actual driving makes the results more credible, eliminates the factors of human intervention, and makes people have a more intuitive understanding of the endurance performance of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM.

  This live broadcast test makes the outstanding performance of Starway Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM in battery life lay a solid foundation for its future development. Through continuous innovation and technological upgrading, Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is also expected to become a leading brand in the field of new energy vehicles, and provide users with more reliable, efficient and intelligent travel solutions.

What is the function of BYD Hanche key?


In addition to the traditional induction car keys, BYD Hanche keys also have a set of truck keys. It uses NFC induction technology, and the car can be easily unlocked by placing the card near the rearview mirror shell, thus avoiding the trouble of carrying larger traditional car keys.

Regarding the hold button of BYD Hanche key, the following is some information:

1. Introduction:

Press the hold key for a few seconds to open the trunk, so as to avoid accidents caused by pressing the hold key when the vehicle is driving, so it is called "hold".

2. Other functions:

The hold key is not the trunk open key, but the remote engine start button. Within a long distance, press and hold for 2 to 3 seconds, and the car will start automatically. This function can adjust the temperature inside the car in advance in winter and summer, so that you can enjoy a comfortable temperature before entering the car.

This table of reunion dinner warms the stomach and warms the heart

This table of reunion dinner warms the stomach and warms the heart.
Zhang Shangyou, a "good man in Changsha", hosted a banquet for sanitation workers before the Spring Festival for 15 consecutive years.
There were 8 tables for the New Year’s party on that day, and nearly 80 representatives of sanitation workers felt the strong flavor of the year in advance. Changsha Evening News all-media reporter Deng Yanhong photo
Changsha Evening News on January 29th (all-media reporter Deng Yanhong) At noon on the 29th, a New Year’s group meeting to pay tribute to sanitation workers was held in Castroni, Dingding Xiangwei, Gao Qiao market. Nearly 80 representatives of sanitation workers gathered together to feel the rich flavor of the 2024 Spring Festival in advance. The organizer of the banquet is Zhang Shangyou, a 53-year-old chairman of Dingding Xiangwei Company and a native of Liuyang, who is also the "Changsha Good Man" in 2021. In 2008, he witnessed the hardships of sanitation workers sweeping snow and deicing, and decided to invite sanitation workers to express their respect and gratitude on the eve of the Spring Festival every year. This year is the 15th consecutive year.
"lucky strike, Liuyang black goat, genuine braised pork …" At 12 o’clock noon, the banquet officially began, and a series of dishes with all colors and flavors were served in turn, with a total of 14 courses, including the main course and cold dishes, which were sweet, sour, spicy and salty, taking care of the tastes of sanitation workers from all corners of the country. There were 8 tables for the New Year’s party on that day, and all the invited people were sanitation workers who worked near the Gao Qiao market and whose hometown was all over the country. After the banquet began, Zhang Shangyou took tea instead of wine and went to the table to express his gratitude and respect to the sanitation workers. "The 10 main courses mean’ perfect’ and wish the sanitation workers a complete life. Due to the limited space, only nearly 80 sanitation workers attended the banquet, but we prepared a New Year gift package for the sanitation workers working nearby. " Zhang Shangyou told reporters.
Lu Yinfen, 51, is one of the sanitation workers invited to the banquet. She is from Taojiang, Yiyang, and both her husband are engaged in cleaning in Gao Qiao market. She told reporters that she was very happy to be invited to the banquet. "Now the city is getting more and more beautiful, and everyone is paying more and more respect to sanitation workers, which makes us very happy."
The reporter learned that Zhang Shangyou first hosted a banquet for sanitation workers in 2009. At that time, his shop was not as big as it is now. At that time, eight nearby sanitation workers participated. In 2008, he was deeply impressed by the images of sanitation workers sweeping snow and deicing in Gao Qiao market, and he also benefited from doing business there. That banquet made Zhang Shangyou feel the hard work and kindness of sanitation workers. Since then, he has had an idea: to hold a reunion dinner every year to thank the hard-working sanitation workers nearby.
In the past 15 years, the sanitation workers near the market have changed one after another, but every year on the eve of the Spring Festival, Zhang Shangyou invites them to have a New Year reunion dinner. His store in Gao Qiao market also provides 100 love breakfasts to nearby sanitation workers and the elderly every day.
The reporter noticed that this year’s group meeting, Zhang Shangyou let his youngest son also participate in the activity, and let his youngest son send the New Year gift to every sanitation worker. "I want young people to realize that it is not easy for sanitation workers, and our love activities will continue."
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