Lu Weibing said that Xiaomi took away 50 million users of Huawei; Alibaba emptied India’s Alipay shares, accumulating nearly $300 million; Arm China was exposed to lay off nearly 100 people, Leifeng M

Alibaba emptied the "India Alipay" Paytm shares and cashed in nearly 300 million US dollars.

On February 12th, according to foreign media reports, according to the data of the stock exchange, Alibaba Group recently sold its remaining shares in Indian digital payment company Paytm for about 13.78 billion Indian Rupee (US$ 167.14 million, about RMB 1.137 billion) through block transactions.

Specifically, Alibaba Singapore E-Commerce Company sold 21.4 million Paytm shares at a price of 642.74 rupees per share on February 10th, representing a 9% discount from Thursday’s closing price. Affected by the news, Paytm’s share price fell nearly 8% on February 10 to close at 650.55 rupees, but it still rose nearly 23% so far this year. In addition, Morgan Stanley Asia (Singapore) Pte Ltd bought 5.42 million shares of Paytm at a price of 640 rupees on February 10th. It is not clear why Alibaba sold its equity. Paytm and Alibaba did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In January this year, Alibaba sold a 3.1% stake in Paytm through a block transaction of 125 million US dollars (currently about 851 million yuan). Prior to this, Alibaba held a 6.26% stake in Paytm 6.26% Since its listing in November 2021, Paytm has been under pressure to make profits. Since its listing, the stock has fallen by about 70% and plunged by 60% in 2022. (IT house)

Lu Weibing: In the past three years, Huawei has flowed out of 80 million users, and Xiaomi has robbed 50 million.

Recently, Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group, talked about the development of mobile phone business on the latest Xiaomi Investment Day, and revealed relevant information about high-end. Lu Weibing said that the brand TOM(Top of Mind) continued to improve, and the preference among high-end people accounted for 13%. In the past three years, H Company (Huawei) has exported 80 million users, Xiaomi has robbed 50 million, Apple has robbed 20 million and Glory has robbed 10 million.

Lu Weibing said that Xiaomi took away 50 million users of Huawei; Alibaba emptied India's Alipay shares, accumulating nearly $300 million; Arm China was exposed to lay off nearly 100 people, Leifeng Morning Post.

As a supplement, in 2022, Xiaomi shipped about 38.6 million smartphones in the domestic market, ranking fifth in market share; In the global market, smartphone shipments were 152.7 million units, ranking third with a market share of 13%. Lu Weibing said that "Huawei outflows 80 million, Xiaomi grabs 50 million, Apple grabs 20 million, and glory grabs 10 million" should refer to the global market.

Arm China was exposed to lay off nearly 100 people, mostly R&D engineers.

Recently, two sources said that Arm China, the joint venture company of arm, a chip company of Softbank Group, laid off 90-95 employees last week to cope with the challenging business prospects this year. In addition, the dismissed employees are mainly engineers in the R&D department. Observer. com contacted the China office of Arm about this matter, but probably because of the weekend, no one answered the phone.

Inquiring about ARM China official website, the total number of employees in ARM China has exceeded 900, of which R&D personnel account for 85%, that is, there are at least 700 R&D personnel. R&D products cover SOC, HPC, CPU, AI, multimedia, ISP, VPU and so on.

Netcom Huawei will fully dominate AITO cars, and the official response

Recently, some netizens have noticed that the poster of Jiejie Automobile released by AITO official Weibo has changed the logo in the upper right corner to HUAWEI, even the chrysanthemum logo on Huawei’s signboard. Before that, the position of the logo in the upper left corner of the poster was written AITO. In addition, there are also screenshots of suspected group chats. From the content point of view, it is an important change involving AITO brand words.

Lu Weibing said that Xiaomi took away 50 million users of Huawei; Alibaba emptied India's Alipay shares, accumulating nearly $300 million; Arm China was exposed to lay off nearly 100 people, Leifeng Morning Post.

It said that it has recently reached an agreement with the top management of Celeste. In order to strengthen the brand uniqueness, from now on, the brand speech will no longer use "Huawei’s deep empowerment" but be changed to "Huawei’s overall leadership". In this regard, Huawei responded, saying that it misread the part, as follows: This move only highlights Huawei’s long-term deep empowerment of AITO brand, and the long-term deep cooperation between Huawei and Cyrus has not changed. In the future, the two sides will continue to jointly launch more and more competitive new products.

Wang Huiwen, co-founder of the former Meituan: invested 50 million US dollars to enter AI.

Recently, Wang Huiwen, the former co-founder of Meituan, was suspected of coming back. In his WeChat circle of friends, he wrote, "I will enter the artificial intelligence track, and at the same time said that individuals will also take out 50 million US dollars to join the group, regardless of salary and position." Below the comment area, several people liked it, including Shen Peng, founder and CEO of Shuidi Company.

Lu Weibing said that Xiaomi took away 50 million users of Huawei; Alibaba emptied India's Alipay shares, accumulating nearly $300 million; Arm China was exposed to lay off nearly 100 people, Leifeng Morning Post.

Shen Peng also commented that "it is so unpretentious and boring for big bosses to invest". It is understood that Wang Huiwen was a representative of the early Internet industry in China, and he was a continuous Internet entrepreneur. He founded the intranet (now Renren), the caller network, Taofang, and Meituan.

Weibo big V Lin Dengwan responded to the question that Apple futures "can’t be flat": some things are for marketing.

Recently, many futures people have said that from the current futures market, the statement that "Lin Dengwan’s position can’t be closed" is not accurate. Futures speculators and Weibo V@ Lin Dengwan responded to the question that 1,500 tons of apple futures "can’t be flat". "We have some things that are true, and some things are for marketing, and marketing needs means." Some futures veterans said that Lin Dengwan and others may be involved in joint market manipulation. In this regard, Lin Dengwan said, "It is not convenient to give a specific answer for the time being. We are currently silent. At present, the most important thing is to turn the apples that everyone is speculating on weekdays into real food and sell them to the public. " (per meridian)

"WeChat avatar faded" reached the top of Weibo hot search, and the official response said that "related functions have been optimized"

On February 12th, news came that "the WeChat avatar faded" ranked first in Weibo’s hot search, and some netizens reported that the WeChat avatar faded. Compared with the original picture, the photo of the avatar used for a period of time became dim in definition and color. Some netizens also speculated that it was caused by compressed image quality.

Lu Weibing said that Xiaomi took away 50 million users of Huawei; Alibaba emptied India's Alipay shares, accumulating nearly $300 million; Arm China was exposed to lay off nearly 100 people, Leifeng Morning Post.

It is understood that the image format of WeChat avatar is PNG, which is a bitmap format using lossless compression algorithm. However, WeChat itself will compress the avatar images uploaded by users, thus reducing the file size. In this regard, WeChat official responded to Caijing Technology: "There are a small number of Android users’ feedback. Select" View previous avatar "in the avatar setting interface to switch back to the original avatar, and the color of the avatar set many times will fade. Related functions have been optimized and will be restored as soon as possible. "

Cao Cao changed coaches: Zhou Hang stepped down as chairman and Geely veteran Yang Jian took over.

A few days ago, the chairman of Hangzhou Youxing Technology Co., Ltd., the main operator of Cao Cao’s trip, changed from Zhou Hang to Yang Jian. Yang Jian has worked in Geely Group for many years. According to official website of Geely Group, Yang Jian joined Geely Group in 1996, and held several important positions successively, including the positions of President of Geely Automobile Research Institute, Executive Vice President of Geely Holding Group and President of Geely Holding Group.

Zhou Hang was the founder of Yizhi. In April 2022, Zhou Hang became the chairman of Cao Cao Travel. At that time, Cao Cao’s travel did not disclose Zhou Hang’s responsibilities, and the daily operation of the company was still presided over by CEO Gong Xin. Today, Zhou Hang has been the chairman of Cao Cao Travel for less than a year.

The domestic C-magazine states that concealing the use of ChatGPT will be rejected or withdrawn.

Recently, Journal of Jinan (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition) published a note on the use of artificial intelligence writing tools: for the time being, it will not accept any articles signed separately or jointly by large-scale language model tools (such as ChatGPT). Relevant tools have been used in paper creation, which need to be put forward separately, and how to use them in detail and demonstrate the author’s own creativity in the article. For articles that cite artificial intelligence writing tools as references, the author should be asked to provide detailed citation arguments. (Zhongxin. com)

Yunda Express: Recently, "more than 2,000 outlets are closed" and "the company is going to close down" are all untrue contents.

February 12th news, recently, the abnormal delivery of Yunda Express caused a large number of netizens to vomit, resulting in delayed delivery and abnormal delivery, and even boarded the hot search in Weibo. On the evening of the 12th, Yunda Express officially released the "Clarification Announcement on Recent Internet Rumors", indicating that the courier brother of individual outlets did not go back to visit relatives for several years due to the epidemic, and the rework after the holiday was not timely, resulting in short-term shortage of staff, which caused the delay in dispatching parts in the area where individual outlets were located. Yunda Express also said that the closure of more than 2,000 outlets on the Internet was untrue. As for "customer service is not accepted", "revenue is not profitable" and "the company is going to close down", they are all untrue words.

Yu Chengdong responded to the suspension of Huawei BU Wang Jun: personnel adjustment does not affect the strategic direction of the car.

Recently, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei Car BU, responded to the recent news that "Huawei Car BU Wang Jun was suspended", saying that (this time) it was a normal personnel adjustment change and there was no change in the direction of (Huawei’s car business). There are voices that the personnel transfer is related to the unsatisfactory business progress of Wang Jun. Yu Chengdong called many speculations about the strategic adjustment of Huawei’s automobile "online hype". (CBN)

Details of layoffs at Dell’s China headquarters are exposed.

A few days ago, foreign media reported that Dell will lay off about 6,650 people, accounting for about 5% of the total number of employees worldwide. According to many sources in Time Finance, the layoffs have spread to China District. At present, Dell’s headquarters in Xiamen’s China District has started layoffs, and the branches in Shanghai and Dalian have not yet confirmed them. An employee of Dell Xiamen Company said that on February 9, the department heads had a meeting to announce the layoffs, claiming that it was in line with the Group’s global layoffs plan, and many departments had layoffs targets.

An employee of the sales department of Dell Xiamen Company said that there are currently 10 people in the team, two of whom are already on the list of this wave of layoffs. After that, the leaders will have one-on-one interviews with employees, and it is expected that two more people will be laid off. As far as she knows, the compensation plan may be "n+2", but the exact situation will not be known until the personnel interview. She mentioned that laid-off employees will receive resignation notice in March, with a buffer period of more than one month, and they can work from home before. It is reported that some employees’ compensation schemes are "n+1". (Time Finance)

QQ’s first user exposure: the number is only five digits.

Lu Weibing said that Xiaomi took away 50 million users of Huawei; Alibaba emptied India's Alipay shares, accumulating nearly $300 million; Arm China was exposed to lay off nearly 100 people, Leifeng Morning Post.

Recently, on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of QQ’s birth, an interview with Robert, the first user of QQ, was announced. Robert, 45, now lives overseas, QQ number is 10201. He once met Tencent team and studied various online chat tools in his early days. He worked on the Internet 24 years ago, and now he still remembers the excitement when he first experienced QQ in 1999.

After Meguiar’s announcement of 10% layoffs, the top management paid a salary cut of up to 20% and suspended bonuses.

On February 12th, according to foreign media reports, the Board Committee of Micron Technology approved to reduce the basic annual salary of some senior executives in FY 2023 and suspend the bonuses of all senior executives. This pay cut plan will make Sanjay Mehrotra, CEO of the company, face a 20% salary cut, with the executive vice president’s salary cut of 15% and the senior vice president’s salary cut of 10%.

It is understood that Mehrotra’s basic salary in fiscal year 2022 is 1.41 million US dollars, and the total salary is as high as 28.8 million US dollars (currently about 196 million yuan), most of which comes from stock awards. Micron Technology made this decision in response to the decline in demand for electronic products and chips. Micron announced last year that it would lay off 10% of its employees in 2023 and suspend the payment of bonuses in 2023. Micron pointed out that this layoff will reduce the target cash remuneration of senior executives by 53%-75%, and it will also reduce more senior salaries. As for the non-employee members of the board of directors, the cash remuneration will also be reduced by 20%. (IT house)

Microsoft promotes the plan to lay off 10,000 people: involving HoloLens, Surface and Xbox departments.

On February 12 th, informed sources revealed that Microsoft laid off employees in departments such as Surface devices, HoloLens mixed reality hardware and Xbox last week, and implemented a plan to lay off 10,000 people announced last month. People familiar with the matter said that the massive layoffs of the HoloLens hardware team made people doubt whether the company would produce the third generation of smart glasses. In addition, in the Xbox game department, the marketing and Xbox game ecosystem teams are laying off employees. In this regard, Microsoft declined to comment, but said that it is still committed to the mixed reality field and the current HoloLens 2 version. (IT house)

ChatGPT was revealed to have hired data labeled "sweatshop"

According to reports, OpenAI reached a cooperation with an outsourcing company Sama at the end of 2021, and OpenAI sent tens of thousands of text fragments to Sama, containing a lot of content about murder, abuse and even more unbearable. According to qualifications and performance, the actual salary of data annotators employed by Sama for OpenAI is about $1.32 to $2 per hour. The interviewed employees all said that this job left them with "mental trauma". Although they were able to participate in the group psychological counseling organized by the company, the counseling did not provide any help. In 2022, Sama terminated its cooperation with OpenAI. (science and technology innovation board Daily)

Japan Yahoo, LINE and Z Holdings will merge this year.

Recently, Japan Z Holding Company said that it will merge with its two subsidiaries, LINE and Yahoo, within this year. It is reported that in the future, Z Holdings will be the parent company and LINE· Yahoo will be the core wholly-owned subsidiary to promote the expansion of tripartite collaboration. Promote the strengthening and merger of various services, thereby improving the speed of business decision-making and boosting the rapid development of business. Kawabe Kentaro and Izawa Gang, who previously served as CEO of Z Holdings, will take office as president and president and CEO respectively on April 1.

Musk fired Twitter senior engineers at the meeting because he heard that his popularity was declining.

According to foreign media reports, Musk recently fired a senior engineer of Twitter on the spot at an internal meeting, just because the engineer told him that his popularity on the Twitter platform was declining. Musk met with several engineers on Twitter on Tuesday to discuss the statistics of the number of views of his personal account on Twitter. In recent months, the number of views on his account has been declining.

Previously, Musk also arranged staff to investigate whether his ability to reach users on Twitter platform was limited by potential problems of Twitter algorithm. Sources familiar with the meeting said that Musk told employees at the meeting: "This is ridiculous. I have more than 100 million fans, but the published content has only tens of thousands of exposures. "

Apple’s service business income exceeds Nike McDonald’s combined.

Lu Weibing said that Xiaomi took away 50 million users of Huawei; Alibaba emptied India's Alipay shares, accumulating nearly $300 million; Arm China was exposed to lay off nearly 100 people, Leifeng Morning Post.

Recently, according to the latest analysis report released by market research firm Finbold, the revenue of Apple’s service business will reach 79.4 billion US dollars in 2022, and this market segment alone will surpass many Fortune 500 companies. In addition, Apple’s revenue from service business alone exceeds the combined revenue of Nike and McDonald’s ($72.1 billion). It is understood that Apple’s service business includes: subscription service (Apple One), advertising revenue (Apple search engine and App Store) and handling fee income (App Store).

The data shows that the US 5G upgrade rules may cause the aviation industry to lose 637 million US dollars.

On February 12, according to foreign media reports, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said last week that the requirement of modifying aircraft altimeters proposed by the United States to ensure that they are not affected by 5G interference may cause the industry to lose at least 637 million US dollars (currently about 4.338 billion yuan). IATA said in its comments to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that the cost would be much higher than the agency’s estimated $26 million (currently about 177 million yuan). The organization warned last week that many airlines are at risk of not meeting the deadline.

Scientists have found receptors that prevent Covid-19 infection.

Scientists at the University of Sydney found a kind of protein in the lungs, which can prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection and form a natural protective barrier in the human body. Protein, known as LRRC 15 (Leucine-Rich Repeating-Containing Protein 15), can bind to SARS-CoV-2 without spreading infection. Teams from Oxford, England, Brown and Yale University in the United States have independently found receptors in LRRC15 protein.

SARS-CoV-2 virus mainly infects human cells by binding with ACE2 receptors, while lung cells have high levels of ACE2 receptors, so the virus mainly infects the lungs and causes serious problems. LRRC15, like ACE2, is the receptor of SARS-CoV-2, but the difference is that it does not support infection, and prevents other fragile cells from being infected by sticking to the virus. It will form a barrier to isolate the virus from the most vulnerable lung cells. (geek Solidot)

Vayve Eva, India’s first solar electric car, was unveiled and can run 12 kilometers without spending money every day.

On February 12th, Vayve Mobility, an electric vehicle startup headquartered in Pune, India, announced that it plans to launch India’s first solar electric vehicle Eva in 2024, and delivery will begin in mid-2024.

Lu Weibing said that Xiaomi took away 50 million users of Huawei; Alibaba emptied India's Alipay shares, accumulating nearly $300 million; Arm China was exposed to lay off nearly 100 people, Leifeng Morning Post.

As can be seen from the picture, Vayve Eva is an ultra-small city commuter car, which can accommodate two adults and one child. Eva is equipped with a bunch of solar panels with rated power of 150W on the roof, which can increase the cruising range by 10~12 kilometers every day. Vayve Eva is also equipped with a 14kWh battery pack, with a total battery life of 250 kilometers, and can be fully charged within 4 hours using a home wall socket charger. (IT house)

Leifeng net(WeChat official account: Leifeng. com)

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[Network media changes] Land circulation, rural development and vitality, and tomatoes planted in mountain springs are "sweet" at home and abroad.

  Whether it is Wulian Village, Songshugang Village or Guanbei Village, the new changes and new features brought by the new rural construction have made everyone feel the hope from the new socialist countryside. At the same time, the construction of new countryside is a time of progress rather than completion, not only in these three rural areas in southern Guangdong, but also in the new era.

  Future Network ( Central News Website) Guangzhou, January 21st (Reporter Liang Xili) Wulian Village, Zhongxin Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou was once a poor village. Chen Yimin, secretary of the Party Committee of Zhongxin Town, said that the villagers could not even support themselves by growing vegetables and grain. Many villagers have gone out to work because of poverty.

  "Because there is neither real estate nor industrial and commercial planning in the master plan of Wulian Village, we can only do a good job in agriculture and rural areas honestly." Chen Yimin said.

  How can we develop well?

  It was pointed out in the report of the 19th National Congress that the rural revitalization strategy should be implemented.

  It is necessary to give priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas, establish and improve the system, mechanism and policy system of urban-rural integration development, and accelerate the modernization of agriculture and rural areas in accordance with the general requirements of industrial prosperity, ecological livability, rural civilization, effective governance and affluent life.

  In the general requirements of rural revitalization strategy, "industrial prosperity" ranks first, which makes Chen Yi sensitive to excitement and comfort. She said: "Without the development of industry, there will be no way out in rural areas, and Wulian Village will always be poor."

  Nowadays, Wulian Village makes full use of idle land on the basis of industrial development, and introduces modern ecological agriculture such as "green natural hydroponic vegetable base", "Asian horticultural flower field" and "cherry blossom planting base".

  Recently, in the 2018 "New Era, New Dream" online media going to the grassroots (Guangdong Station) activity hosted by the Central Network Information Office and hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Network Information Office, the reporters of Future Network walked into the typical villages of Guangdong’s new era and new countryside construction with the interview group, witnessing the new countryside, new construction and new development on the land of South Guangdong.

  Glad to "implement the rural revitalization strategy": without developing industries, there is no way out for the countryside.

  Wulian Village, located in the middle of Zhongxin Town, covers an area of 16 square kilometers. The transportation in the village is convenient. The North Third Ring Expressway under construction crosses the border, and the intersection of Guanghe Expressway is only 6 kilometers away from Wulian Village. It is also the village with the largest rural registered population in Zhongxin Town.

  Members of the press corps walked into the hydroponic vegetable base in Wulian Village. Looking far away, the base looks like a transparent house with green vegetables. The new hydroponics technology replaces the traditional land cultivation, and vegetables can be produced all day, sowing and harvesting every day. Covering an area of only 100 mu, this vegetable base can harvest 24 periods a year, and the yield per mu can reach 2000 kg, which is nearly five times that of the same area of land.

  At present, Wulian village has completed the confirmation of rural land, and the green natural hydroponic vegetable base has newly transferred 200 mu of contiguous planting land, which further strengthens large-scale agricultural production.

  When the land is transferred, the villagers not only have land income, but also solve the employment problem.

  Chen Yimin introduced that these farm work (in the base) are all good at by farmers. Some women who need to take care of their families and can’t go out to work can work as industrial workers in the base nearby. The labor intensity is not great, and the working environment is comfortable. You can get more than 3,000 yuan a month.

  In the base, the reporter also tasted hydroponic tomatoes planted with mountain spring water. In the greenhouse, these tomatoes are different in size and color. And the most expensive tomato varieties, a catty can also be sold to 60 yuan, and even has stepped onto the dining table of people in many developed countries.

  The combination of agriculture and tourism allows villagers to have seeds and tourists to play.

  Under the Luofu Mountain, the trees are shaded and the ponds are crystal clear. Songshugang Village in Boluo County, Huizhou City is located here. As one of the demonstration sites of new countryside in Guangdong Province, Songshugang Village makes full use of its unique geographical environment and rich natural resources, vigorously engages in agricultural investment, guides villagers to plant pollution-free agricultural products, and develops agricultural tourism.

  In the "Three-dimensional Agricultural Park of Vitality" in Songshugang Village, the reporter group saw the "air pastoral" agricultural area. Cai Haizhang, the person in charge of the project, introduced new planting patterns such as "borrowing land from heaven", which made the benefit of one acre of land 8 ~ 10 times that of ordinary planting patterns.

  Not only that, in the "air garden", fruits and vegetables follow the principle of "zero pollution and zero tolerance" in the planting process, and no pesticides, hormones, fertilizers and genetically modified engineering technologies are used at all.

  At present, the village has established a modern agricultural production base of more than 3,000 mu, mainly planting fruits, flowers and special crops. In addition to the "air pastoral", there are vineyards and dragon orchards, forming a contiguous ecological sightseeing agricultural belt.

  With a good ecological environment and a unique agricultural foundation, Songshugang Village vigorously develops rural tourism.

  It is understood that in 2016, the village received about 150,000 tourists, an increase of 88%, and the comprehensive tourism income reached more than 5 million yuan; The village collective income was 290,000 yuan, an increase of 16%; The per capita net income of farmers was 25,580 yuan, an increase of 25.1%.

  With the development of rural tourism, the villagers’ pockets are bulging. Songshugang Village has a new vision in the development and exploration of rural tourism: when conditions are ripe, it will introduce professional tourism management service companies to manage and operate the tourism projects in the whole village, improve the economic benefits of tourism, make the rural tourism in the village bigger, stronger and more distinctive, and truly realize the development goals of beautiful environment, strong collective and rich villagers.

  Civilization construction makes the village in the city realize a beautiful turn

  Through the way of "culture+",the civilization construction and the new rural construction are organically combined, which makes the "dirty and messy" urban village in the past become a "cultural village". Guanbei Village in Huizhou City can be described as a vivid sample of the new rural construction. Guanbei village has a total area of 0.3 square kilometers and a population of about 1025. This village with its back to Dongjiang is now a mural village.

  In less than a year, more than 500 murals gradually decorated the original mottled village road wall, with themes ranging from rule by France and Germany to Chinese dream, from Hakka culture to Chinese traditional stories; Vacant housing resources are revitalized and leased to cultural teams and social organizations as creative places, and beautiful and chic courtyards replace the original dilapidated houses; Old houses are decorated as cultural stations for villagers to learn to charge.

  The appearance of the previously mediocre village has been greatly improved, and it has attracted many cultural and creative groups and institutions to settle in. These institutions and groups have also activated and utilized the housing resources in the village, adding cultural charm to the beautiful Guanbei village.

  The change of village appearance has further affected the construction of rural civilization in Guanbei Village. Sun Wuyou, an old party member, told reporters: "It’s very different from before. Now in the village, there is no problem if the car is not locked."

  Looking at Guanbei Village in front of us, who would have thought that this village was once labeled as "distracted, polluted, bad public security, abandoned by everyone"?

  Whether it is Wulian Village, Songshugang Village or Guanbei Village, the new changes and new features brought by the new rural construction have made everyone feel the hope from the new socialist countryside. At the same time, the construction of new countryside is a time of progress rather than completion, not only in these three rural areas in southern Guangdong, but also in the new era.

Potatoes, ginger, paper-cut made movie posters, and netizens were inspired at home.

Li Xiaodong is writing.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: In fact, a noodle is inserted into a pot of rice, which simulates the picture of a bamboo forest fighting a sword. The green light is like a stills, so it is difficult to tell without looking carefully.

  Ordinary vegetables and paper-cut figures, what effect can you shoot with your mobile phone? Recently, a netizen processed and utilized the ingredients and daily necessities around him, and then designed his own characters to shoot the effect comparable to that of a movie blockbuster. Received more than 30 million praises on the short video platform. Potatoes, ginger and broccoli can all be set, sprinkled with corn, flour and a little smoke effect. Under the background light, the villain in the foreground is lifelike, and the protagonist’s identity can be seen at a glance from the action clothes. The characters in China traditional Four Great Classical Novels all appear in such a miniature scene. Even the son’s feet have become props, stuck with hand-painted villains, and become the scene of climbing "Thumb Peak". Zi Niu News contacted the photographer, who is a film and television special effects teacher with a professional background, because he thought of such creative shooting at home.

  Inspiration gives students unexpected gains in assigning homework

  Photographer Li Xiaodong told reporters that he was born in fine arts, and now he is engaged in the later teaching of computer animation and film and television special effects. He usually likes to play mobile phone photography. Working remotely at home during the epidemic, I came up with the idea of shooting creative videos. "Because of the epidemic, I spend most of my time at home. When I usually buy food and cook, I think about whether I can shoot something interesting with ingredients and combine painting, paper-cutting and photography." He said: "Beijing has a long commute every day, and it takes two or three hours just on the road. I think the advantage of working at home is that I can leave these traffic hours and use them to shoot my thoughts." Li Xiaodong used to post some videos shot from unexpected angles on short video platforms, but in the last two months, he began to update intensively, shooting miniature silhouette scenes with vegetables and paper-cut figures, and then processing them into "big movies" like movie posters.

  "The earliest video ‘ A green onion shoots a large piece ’ In fact, it is an assignment for students. Using a mobile phone to shoot at the hollow of green onions will become a very artistic blockbuster under the illumination of lights. " Later, Li Xiaodong began to try with all kinds of vegetables. He felt that the simple visual effect lacked some story, so he began to draw a villain and put it in the picture. After sending it to the short video platform, I found that everyone liked it. "At present, I have been shooting for a month, and I have recently updated one every one or two days. Four Great Classical Novels has basically finished filming, only the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is left, and many netizens have left messages under the video ‘ Urge more ’ 。” At the time of press release, the scene of Taoyuan Sanjieyi in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms has also been launched.

  It takes several hours to shoot, and post-processing is very important.

  Zi Niu news reporter saw that in the latest video, the "Dream of Red Mansions" scene shot with ginger, fennel and flour reached 30 million hits. Li Xiaodong cut ginger on the chopping block, then sprinkled flour and put a little fennel leaves. With a dozen background lights, ginger became a rockery in the garden, and fennel looked like a plant landscape. In this way, a picture of Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu appeared in the snow, and the effect was amazing.

  Every video of Li Xiaodong will quickly present the shooting process. The video uses vegetables such as green peppers and potato chips, and it is made into a miniature background through certain processing, and then it is illuminated from behind with a mobile phone flash to form an atmosphere. The characters in the foreground are lifelike like posters of movie blockbusters. Not only did he shoot the water margin, Journey to the West, Dream of Red Mansions and other famous works, but also the classic movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, popular drama Chen Qingling and so on all appeared in the camera. A half-eaten apple was made into a climbing blockbuster, a 007 movie poster was made out of a waste potato chip box, and a pumpkin and a mirror set out the touching scene of the legend of the new White Snake. The most special prop is Li Xiaodong’s son’s foot, which is glued to his toes with a piece of paper, making a picture of "climbing the Five Fingers Peak".

  Although this short video only takes about ten seconds, the shooting process of Li Xiaodong usually takes two to three hours. "This doesn’t include the time to be creative. When you usually do things, you actually start to conceive. With the theme, you will think about what materials to use and how to put them. Most of the time, when you think about it in your mind, you will make it directly, and you rarely play with things. Only once can I think of what ingredients to use to express the elegance of trees, I paid attention to it when I visited the supermarket, and finally bought a handful of fennel, which was good. "

  In addition to the selection of materials for the set, the shooting process must first set the theme and use what elements. Li Xiaodong said: "It is very difficult for people to design shapes, because in film and television works, we can often identify a person by his face, while hair style, clothes, props and so on are often auxiliary elements, but you can’t see the face of the person in the silhouette, so you need to highlight other elements to identify who this person is at a glance." Li Xiaodong told reporters that the characters in Journey to the West are too distinctive and easy to recognize, but the characters in the dream of the Red Chamber are not so simple. "For example, what is Lin Daiyu’s hairstyle, with a little shoulder slip, which is the image of a classical beauty. I will design these characteristics to be a little more prominent in order to have a high degree of recognition."

  After designing and drawing these characters, paper-cutting is also very time-consuming, because the characters are complex and need to be cut very carefully to make the picture look good, and paper-cutting often takes up some time. "All my shooting is done with only two mobile phones, one for shooting and the other for lighting. The last film in the video has good lighting effect, and it is also assisted by some props, such as changing the color of light, such as adding a little smoke to make the background softer." Li Xiaodong told reporters that, for example, if you need blue sky, you should cover a layer of blue plastic cloth in front of the flash of your mobile phone. If you need a yellow sky at sunset, put a piece of bread in front of the flash, and create different light effects completely through these props.

  Promotion hopes that more people will explore new areas of mobile photography.

  After the video is constantly updated, Li Xiaodong quickly has 200,000 fans. Every day, dozens and hundreds of fans leave messages for him backstage asking about his shooting skills and techniques. He said that some tutorials will be prepared soon to teach you some methods of modeling, shooting and later stage. "I saw someone imitating me on some short video platforms, and soon there were a large number of fans. Some photographers told me that this shooting method allowed them to find a new field of playing photography. In short, many people are very interested in this form of work. "

  Li Xiaodong said that he hopes to let more people explore new areas of mobile photography. "When I usually go out with my colleagues, I am particularly keen on mobile phone photography. Everyone will take photos from my circle of friends ‘ Stealing pictures ’ Take it and send it. Many people wonder whether my mobile phone is good or what the secret is. In fact, it is conceived by using the language of the lens. Mobile phone is the most convenient tool for everyone to shoot at present, but not everyone can use it well. My video attempts just want to play more functions of mobile phone shooting, which proves that there are still many fields waiting for us to explore. " (Reporter Liu Liu)

This table of reunion dinner warms the stomach and warms the heart

This table of reunion dinner warms the stomach and warms the heart.
Zhang Shangyou, a "good man in Changsha", hosted a banquet for sanitation workers before the Spring Festival for 15 consecutive years.
There were 8 tables for the New Year’s party on that day, and nearly 80 representatives of sanitation workers felt the strong flavor of the year in advance. Changsha Evening News all-media reporter Deng Yanhong photo
Changsha Evening News on January 29th (all-media reporter Deng Yanhong) At noon on the 29th, a New Year’s group meeting to pay tribute to sanitation workers was held in Castroni, Dingding Xiangwei, Gao Qiao market. Nearly 80 representatives of sanitation workers gathered together to feel the rich flavor of the 2024 Spring Festival in advance. The organizer of the banquet is Zhang Shangyou, a 53-year-old chairman of Dingding Xiangwei Company and a native of Liuyang, who is also the "Changsha Good Man" in 2021. In 2008, he witnessed the hardships of sanitation workers sweeping snow and deicing, and decided to invite sanitation workers to express their respect and gratitude on the eve of the Spring Festival every year. This year is the 15th consecutive year.
"lucky strike, Liuyang black goat, genuine braised pork …" At 12 o’clock noon, the banquet officially began, and a series of dishes with all colors and flavors were served in turn, with a total of 14 courses, including the main course and cold dishes, which were sweet, sour, spicy and salty, taking care of the tastes of sanitation workers from all corners of the country. There were 8 tables for the New Year’s party on that day, and all the invited people were sanitation workers who worked near the Gao Qiao market and whose hometown was all over the country. After the banquet began, Zhang Shangyou took tea instead of wine and went to the table to express his gratitude and respect to the sanitation workers. "The 10 main courses mean’ perfect’ and wish the sanitation workers a complete life. Due to the limited space, only nearly 80 sanitation workers attended the banquet, but we prepared a New Year gift package for the sanitation workers working nearby. " Zhang Shangyou told reporters.
Lu Yinfen, 51, is one of the sanitation workers invited to the banquet. She is from Taojiang, Yiyang, and both her husband are engaged in cleaning in Gao Qiao market. She told reporters that she was very happy to be invited to the banquet. "Now the city is getting more and more beautiful, and everyone is paying more and more respect to sanitation workers, which makes us very happy."
The reporter learned that Zhang Shangyou first hosted a banquet for sanitation workers in 2009. At that time, his shop was not as big as it is now. At that time, eight nearby sanitation workers participated. In 2008, he was deeply impressed by the images of sanitation workers sweeping snow and deicing in Gao Qiao market, and he also benefited from doing business there. That banquet made Zhang Shangyou feel the hard work and kindness of sanitation workers. Since then, he has had an idea: to hold a reunion dinner every year to thank the hard-working sanitation workers nearby.
In the past 15 years, the sanitation workers near the market have changed one after another, but every year on the eve of the Spring Festival, Zhang Shangyou invites them to have a New Year reunion dinner. His store in Gao Qiao market also provides 100 love breakfasts to nearby sanitation workers and the elderly every day.
The reporter noticed that this year’s group meeting, Zhang Shangyou let his youngest son also participate in the activity, and let his youngest son send the New Year gift to every sanitation worker. "I want young people to realize that it is not easy for sanitation workers, and our love activities will continue."
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