The price of Tiggo 8 PRO in Lianyungang is greatly reduced, with a maximum discount of 13,000! Preferential treatment waits for no man.

[car home Lianyungang Preferential Promotion Channel] Good news! The preferential activities are being carried out, and the preferential amount is as high as 13,000. The starting price of this model is 113,900, and now you can enjoy more discounts. If you are interested in this model, you can click "Check the car price" in the quotation form to get a higher discount. Come and seize this opportunity!

Tiggo 8 PRO is a stylish and dynamic SUV model, and its front face design adopts a unique lattice air intake grille, which is very atmospheric and exquisite. The body lines are smooth, and the overall style is fashionable without losing stability, showing a sense of luxury. The side of the car body adopts smooth lines and dynamic roof design, which makes people look very sporty. In addition, the design of chrome trim and black trim of the car body makes the whole car look very layered. The tail design of the Tiggo 8 PRO is also very exquisite, using the taillight group of LED light source and the exhaust pipe with two sides to make the whole car look more dynamic. In short, the design of Tiggo 8 PRO is fashionable and exquisite, which meets the aesthetic needs of young people and is a very recommended SUV model.

Tiggo 8 PRO is a medium-sized SUV with a body length of 4745mm, a width of 1860mm, a height of 1745mm and a wheelbase of 2710 mm.. The side lines of the car are smooth, stylish and full of strength. The front and rear wheel tracks are 1582mm and 1604mm respectively, and the front and rear tires with 235/55 R18 specifications make the whole vehicle more stable and comfortable.

The interior design of the Tiggo 8 PRO pays attention to comfort and technology, and adopts imitation leather seats and leather steering wheel to improve the interior texture. The 12.3-inch central control screen size and voice recognition control system allow drivers to easily control functions such as multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning and sunroof. The front row and the back row are equipped with USB/Type-C interface, which is convenient for charging, and the front row also has the function of wireless charging of mobile phones. The main and auxiliary seats all support front and rear adjustment, backrest adjustment and height adjustment (2-way). The second row of seats can adjust the backrest, and the rear seats can be laid down in proportion, making the interior space more flexible.

The Tiggo 8 PRO is powered by a 1.6T 197 HP L4 engine with a maximum power of 145 kW and a maximum torque of 290 N m.. In addition, it is equipped with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, which can provide a smooth shifting experience. This engine is not only full of power, but also has excellent fuel economy performance, bringing drivers a more comfortable and efficient driving experience.

In the evaluation of the owner of car home, we can see that he spoke highly of the design of Tiggo 8 PRO, and thought that Chery’s design in recent years was very good, and both Arrizo 8, Tiggo 9 and Starway series had high values. He especially likes the appearance of black, thinking that black is very atmospheric, but it also means that the black body is not very resistant to dirt. Generally speaking, the design of Tiggo 8 PRO is worthy of recognition, and I believe it will be loved by more consumers.

Going to a new era of smart driving on Huawei Cloud.

Recently, airport advertisements in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other places have become a "smart driving" trend. Huawei Cloud has joined hands with five automobile industry partners to convey the new concept of "march towards a great future together", and the five partners have presented their opinions, showing many achievements in the intelligent development of automobiles, as well as the possibility of "technological evolution", "product creation" and "model exploration" in the face of the "smart driving" era.

As we all know, automobile is one of the most complicated industrial crystals in human history, and it is also closely related to the development of manufacturing industry, the application of modern science and technology, and the national consumption demand. At present, China’s automobile industry has reached the threshold of the conversion between old and new kinetic energy. No matter the research and development of technologies such as car networking and autonomous driving, or the digital transformation of enterprises, it is facing unprecedented breakthroughs and changes. This practice reflects the vision of how many automotive industry partners join hands with Huawei Cloud to go to the new era of "smart driving".


Dongfeng commercial vehicle

When Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle started the digital transformation planning, Huawei Cloud provided the whole process digital transformation strategy consulting service, and built the digital scene blueprint in four major areas: marketing, R&D, manufacturing and IT. Based on 4A architecture theory (process architecture, data architecture, application architecture, IT architecture), it helps Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle to further clarify the landing path of five key digital transformation projects, namely digital governance system, business value chain, data service, digital office and intelligent support, and accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises from bottom to top.

Picture 1.png


Gaohe HiPhi

Based on distributed cloud native and intelligent edge station (IES), Huawei Cloud helps Gaohe Automobile to build a safe and isolated self-driving exclusive cloud and edge computing. At the same time, it introduces ModelArts one-stop AI development platform to rationally allocate computing power resources and improve the utilization rate to 80%. It also empowers the tool chain through technologies such as containers and big data, reducing the code training time to one day and accelerating the closed loop of intelligent driving data.

Picture 2.png



FAW-Volkswagen relies on Huawei’s cloud database GaussDB to build a stable, reliable, easy-to-deploy and consistent data base. At the same time, it introduces Huawei’s excellent practice of cloud data governance to realize real-time data collection, real-time calculation and intelligent analysis, build a safe, efficient and reliable data governance system, open up the "data island" faced by car enterprises in the process of transformation, enhance the digital decision-making ability of management, and support the refined and high-quality development of enterprises.

Picture 3.png



AITO relies on Huawei Cloud Distributed Cloud to build a stable, secure and flexible digital infrastructure, which is not limited by cross-domain, cross-cloud and traffic. At the same time, it realizes multi-data collection and mass data storage based on Huawei Cloud Big Data, creating a one-stop, full-life data development and operation platform to help build a smart and luxurious pure electric SUV.

Picture 4.png



Based on the flexible Huawei cloud resources, Momenta can achieve a balance between efficiency and cost. At the same time, it introduces Huawei’s cloud data governance capabilities, which improves the data collection speed and training and simulation efficiency by 25%, greatly shortens the project delivery cycle, improves the efficiency of the tool chain, and successfully turns into a "data flywheel", realizing efficient iteration and update of the world’s leading intelligent driving algorithm.

Picture 5.png

Just as the concept conveyed by "march towards a great future together with Huawei Cloud", the appearance of the five major auto industry partners reflects the core ability of Huawei Cloud to join hands with car companies and autonomous driving companies to move towards the era of smart driving: to open up the end-to-end cloud collaboration with distributed car networking technology to help upgrade the experience; Accelerate the process of "new four modernizations" of car enterprises with the national car cloud network; Form a joint development of the autonomous driving industry chain with an open ecology; With the promotion of AI, the continuity of intelligent driving business and data closed loop are guaranteed … With the support of leading ICT full stack capability, the development of China’s automobile industry is given "acceleration", which jointly sends out a strong voice of ecological prosperity and win-win cooperation in the digital economy era.

Picture 6.png

Up to now, 90% of Top30 car companies and 80% of enterprises in the self-driving acceleration industry chain have chosen Huawei Cloud, and more than 50 million cars are flying on Huawei Cloud. The "smart driving by cloud" model has successfully passed the large-scale practice test, bringing tangible value to enterprises. In 2023, Huawei Cloud will continue to open up the long-term accumulated ICT technology advantages and practical achievements, and join hands with the automobile industry to go to the new era of "smart driving".

The booth map is released! The 22nd Qingdao International Auto Show in 2023 kicked off on April 28th!

Original title: booth map release! The 22nd Qingdao International Auto Show in 2023 kicked off on April 28th!

Source: Qingdao News Network Automobile

Original title: booth map release! The 22nd Qingdao International Auto Show in 2023 kicked off on April 28th!

Source: Qingdao News Network Automobile

From April 28th to May 3rd, 2023, the 22nd Qingdao International Auto Show will be held in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center (Laoshan District). The 22-year authoritative grand meeting brought nearly 100 brands to Qingdao to explode the May Day holiday!

The countdown to the opening ceremony is 3 days, and the most comprehensive exhibition strategy is hot. Everything you want to know is here!

Brand release

This exhibition opened the indoor exhibition halls 1-6 and some outdoor exhibition areas of Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center, attracting more than 90 automobile brands to bring thousands of display models, covering new energy and fuel, passenger, commercial, business and luxury. Brands gather together to link the whole city to meet everyone’s viewing and purchasing needs in one stop and all directions.

Hall 1

Link, BYD, Buick, FAW Toyota, smart, Ruilan, Changan Ford, FAW-Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen New Energy, SAIC Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen New Energy, GAC Ai ‘an, Deep Blue Automobile, Ideality, AMG.

No.2 hall

Lincoln, Volvo, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, Maibakh, Mercedes-Benz EQ, AMG, Mercedes-Benz Business, Janice, Aouita, Jaguar Land Rover, Zhiji, Weilai, BMW, MINI and Krypton.

No.3 hall

Landev, FAW-Volkswagen Jetta brand, Changan Auchan, Euler, SAIC MG, FAW Pentium, Chery, Roewe, Geely, Changan Mazda, GAC Chuanqi, Changan Automobile, Haval, Great Wall Gun, dongfeng fengshen, Chevrolet, Radar, Zero Run, Lexus, FAW Audi, Beijing Automobile, Dongfeng Citroen, Xingtu.

No.4 hall

Dongfeng Nissan, Volkswagen, Eastman, AITO Wenjie, Xpeng Motors, Volvo New Energy, Meide Commercial Vehicle, Dongfeng Honda, SAIC Audi, Guangqi Honda, Weipai, Tank, GAC Toyota, Nezha, Polar Fox, FAW Hongqi, Kia.

No.5 hall

Tengshi, Nachoda, Feifan, Lantu, Jiangling Ford.

No.6 hall south plaza

BYD, Qichen, Geely and GAC Chuanqi Test Drive Experience Zone

Dozens of press conferences will be held on the first day.

As the "wind vane of the northern automobile market", many brands regard Qingdao International Auto Show as a strategic platform for the release of the latest models. This exhibition, Weilai EC7, Buick E5, Weipai Lanshan, Nezha GT, Dongfeng Honda HR-V, Volvo’s new C40, FAW Hongqi H6, Lincoln’s new generation navigator, SAIC Volkswagen Xintuyue, Dongfeng Citroen Versailles modified version, a new generation of Starway Chasing Wind, 2023 tank 500, Kia Satus, Changan Mazda CX-50, Geely Bo Yue cool, Changan Automobile No. More than 30 press conferences will be held on the first day, including the new generation Land Rover Range Rover Sport Edition, Lantu Chasing Light, FAW Pentium M9, Guangqi Honda 11th New Accord, Changan Ford Sharp L and Euler Ballet Cat.

Two new cars, BJ60 and X7, will be launched in Qingdao.

Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi will release two new cars, Shadow Leopard 2.0T and E9.

Lexus made its debut in Qingdao with new RZ and RX.

Qin PLUS EV Champion Edition, Yuan Pro, Seagull, 2023 e2, Destroyer 07, BYD brought five latest models for heavy release on the first day, Starlight Glimmer.

In addition, Krypton X, Lectra 08, Tucki P7i, Aouita 11, brand-new BMW 7 Series, brand-new smart #3, Guangzhou Automobile AION Y younger, Dongfeng Nissan brand-new Sylphy, Zhiji LS7, Changan Auchan Z6 iDD…… … There are countless star models in this exhibition. The rise of new energy vehicles has accelerated the scientific and technological progress and iterative speed of the automobile industry. All brands are striding forward in the direction of "intelligence, electric power and internet of things", and the new atmosphere covers almost every booth on the scene.

At the scene, new energy is still a big attraction. BYD, Ruilan, FAW-Volkswagen New Energy, SAIC-Volkswagen New Energy, GAC Ai ‘an, Deep Blue Automobile, Ideality, Mercedes-Benz EQ, Aouita, Zhiji, Weilai, Extreme Krypton, Blue Electric Automobile, Euler, Zero Run, Radar, AITO Wenjie, Xpeng Motors, Volvo New Energy, Nezha, Extreme Fox, Tengshi, Feifan, Lantu … more than twenty.

Cash drops by 10,000 yuan, and manufacturers make profits in a limited time.

The automobile sales data from January to March this year is not optimistic, and the task of boosting the market is arduous. The switching date of "National Six B" is getting closer and closer, and the inventory pressure of "National Six A" is difficult to ease quickly. This spring auto show will undoubtedly be like a "life-saving straw" for the automobile market in the first half of the year, and participating brands will also come up with surprising preferential policies to seize the opportunity.

Geely’s limited time discount reached 45,000 yuan, Lorenz’s limited time dropped to as high as 50,000 yuan, and Changan Auchan’s cash dropped to 17,000 yuan; In addition, in order to give back to your friends’ concern and support for Qingdao International Auto Show, the organizing committee also set up a car lottery, and the gift auto show such as color TV, Nachoda full window film+car wash coupon, oven, air fryer and cooking oil will be released in a limited time.

Details of the lucky draw

From April 28 to May 3, 2023, after the successful car purchase at the exhibition site, the car buyer can take part in the lucky draw in Hall 5 with his original ID card, payment voucher of the day, car booking form and original car purchase contract.

The above valid vouchers must be complete, original and stamped with a valid seal, and copies, photos and screenshots are invalid;

The payee of the payment voucher must be consistent with the contracting party;

Each car buyer is only allowed to participate once during the exhibition period;

Participate in the order on the same day, but not the next day;

Limited to the top 50 every day, the collection time is 10:00-15:00 every day.

Audience admission time

On April 28th, it will be closed from 9: 00 to 17: 00 and 17: 30.

From April 29th to May 2nd, it will be closed from 9: 00 to 18: 00 and 18:30.

On May 3rd, it will be closed at 9:00-15:30 and 16:00.

traffic route

Subway route: Line 2 to "Miao Ling Road", transfer to Line 11 at the station to "Convention and Exhibition Center", and get there at exit B.

Driving Navigation: Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center, No.9 Miao Ling Road.

Spectator parking guide

East Gate Audience Parking Area and South Gate Audience Parking Area: Located in East Square and South B Square of Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center, with entrances at Yunling Road and Miao Ling Road respectively, and open at 9:00 every day from April 28th to May 3rd.

Underground spectator parking area of Haitian Financial Hotel: It can be accessed from the main entrance of Xianxialing Road Hotel or the entrance of Yunling Road, and is open to exhibitors and spectators from April 28th to May 3rd.

The spectator parking area of Jinjialing School: accessible from the entrance of Yunling Road, with a guide at the door, and open to exhibitors and spectators from April 29th to May 3rd.

The above parking areas are charged parking fees by their management units.

(If the parking area is adjusted, it will be posted at the top of the comment area at the bottom of this article. Please check the latest information before you leave every day. )

Love book donation activity

Activity rules: donate idle children’s books at home (suitable for children under 12 years old, with intact pages and over 90% new), and every five books can be exchanged for two tickets for the commemorative edition of this exhibition, and a thank-you letter from the organizing Committee will be given.

Tickets for the commemorative edition are limited to 1000 tickets on a first-come-first-served basis.

Venue: South Square, Hall 6, Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center

About tickets

Friends who want to participate in the ticket-giving activities can scan the code to enter the WeChat group chat below and participate in the "Free Ticket Grab Activity" of Qingdao News Network.