Official analysis asks the new M7 chassis power system: run fast, brake steadily, and don’t get motion sickness

Fast technology news on October 17th, the most popular high-end new energy SUV in China in recent times is the M7. A few days ago, Yu Chengdong revealed in the live broadcast of the Sailis factory that the new M7 has reached 60,000 units. And, in order to speed up the delivery progress, the factory has also added 20,000 industrial chain workers to cooperate with the rapidly increasing production capacity of the Sailis Liangjiang Smart Factory.

Today.AITO Auto’s official post also analyzed that the new M7 has an excellent chassis and power system, which allows the car to run fast, brake firmly, and not get motion sickness.

Official analysis asks the new M7 chassis power system: run fast, brake steadily, and don't get motion sickness

According to its introduction, the front suspension of the Wenjie new M7 adopts an enhanced McPherson independent suspension, which newly adjusts the spring stiffness to make it softer when passing through bumpy roads. The rear suspension adopts an H-type multi-link independent suspension, which provides higher lateral control in terms of handling and better driving stability.

The overall suspension adjustment perfectly combines comfort and handling. With the new adjustment, the center of gravity of the vehicle has also dropped by 15mm, resulting in a more comfortable and stable ride.

At the same time,The front and rear suspension is equipped with dual FSD variable damping shock absorbers, which can sense pressure changes when driving to different road conditions, thus adaptively adjusting the hardness of the suspension.

For example, when driving on a flat road in a city, the FSD will control the suspension to harden adaptively, resulting in better handling. However, when experiencing non-paved roads such as forest trails and dirt roads during a self-driving tour, the suspension will soften adaptively. By sensing road conditions, it can reduce left and right shaking and improve stability and comfort.

In terms of power system, the new M7 is equipped with a dual-motor four-wheel drive scheme composed of dual permanent magnet synchronous motors, which has excellent power performance. The four-wheel drive version accelerates 4.8s per 100 kilometers, which is comparable to a performance sports car. The minimum turning radius of 5.87 meters gives this big car more flexible handling.

HUAWEI Drive (ONE) electric drive range extension platform can realize the independent coordination of each power and energy storage module, and give the best power ratio from a global perspective.

At the same time, it takes advantage of the thermal efficiency of the 1.5T four-cylinder range extender.Under the feeding condition, the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is only 5.6L. With a pure electric battery life of 240km and a comprehensive battery life of up to 1300km, the cost of urban electricity commuting is lower, and long-distance oil is not afraid of battery life anxiety.

And HUAWEI DATSO 2.0 can intelligently adjust the torque output, realize the torque vector distribution of the front and rear axles, can significantly reduce the bumpy impact feeling, improve the vehicle steering sensitivity by 35.9% *, and at the same time, when crossing slippery roads or fast turns, the body posture is more stable.

HUAWEI DATS 2.0 can better achieve two-way intelligent coordination, in vertical and horizontal coordination control, to achieve a more stable and smoother ride experience, greatly reducing the possibility of motion sickness. The occupant’s lateral centrifugal feeling is reduced by 13.8% *, and the body feeling of throwing when turning is greatly reduced. Even if you drive indulgently, the driving experience can be as smooth as the road, achieving the integration of handling, safety and comfort.

The new M7 has greatly improved braking performance, and the braking system responds faster. The braking distance of 100 kilometers can reach 34.2 meters. With the sensitive and reliable AEB driver active safety, it can safeguard the safety of the whole car.

At present, the official guide price of the new M7 series is: M7 Plus five-seat rear drive version 249,800 yuan, M7 Plus five-seat four-wheel drive version 284,800 yuan, M7 Max five-seat smart drive version 309,800 yuan; M7 Plus six-seat rear drive version 269,800 yuan, M7 Max six-seat smart drive version 329,800 yuan, the next order may enjoy 33,000 yuan car purchase rights.

In addition, Huawei also pre-orders the M7 for users.Give Huawei mobile phone purchase qualification, and you can buy Huawei Mate 60 or X5 after picking up the car.

Official analysis asks the new M7 chassis power system: run fast, brake steadily, and don't get motion sickness

Official analysis asks the new M7 chassis power system: run fast, brake steadily, and don't get motion sickness

Official analysis asks the new M7 chassis power system: run fast, brake steadily, and don't get motion sickness

Official analysis asks the new M7 chassis power system: run fast, brake steadily, and don't get motion sickness

Xiaomi SU7 started, and the standard version was priced at 215,900 yuan.

On the evening of March 28th, Lei Jun, Chairman of Xiaomi Group, announced at the launch conference of Xiaomi Automobile that Xiaomi SU7 was officially released. Among them, the standard version is priced at 215,900 yuan.

According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi SU7 has been fully tested in 300 cities, with a total road test mileage of 5.4 million kilometers and 576 test vehicles invested.

Lei Jun said that there are 4 major color systems and 9 colors in the whole system of millet SU7, among which the color systems of sports cars are Gulf Blue and Lava Orange; Fashion colors: elegant gray, meteor blue, glow purple; Luxury colors: olive green, Cambrian gray; Classic colors: pearl white, diamond black. There are also 4 kinds of interiors and 4 sets of hub tires to choose from. In addition, Lei Jun released two "car peripheral" products-panoramic skylight sunshade and Mijia front windshield sunshade.

Ceos Li Bin, Li Xiang and He Xiaopeng of Weilai Automobile, Xpeng Motors and LI, the three "new forces" making cars, and the leaders of famous automobile brands such as Wei Jianjun, chairman of Great Wall Motor, attended the conference.

Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development: Meet the reasonable financing needs of real estate enterprises with different ownership equally.

According to China real estate newspaper WeChat official account, on the morning of January 26th, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development held a meeting to deploy the coordination mechanism of urban real estate financing. Ni Hong, Party Secretary and Minister of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Rerublic of China attended the meeting and stressed that the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference should be thoroughly implemented, the coordination mechanism of urban real estate financing should be accelerated to be effective, the development and construction of real estate projects should be supported, the reasonable financing needs of real estate enterprises with different ownership systems should be met equally, and the stable and healthy development of the real estate market should be promoted.

The meeting also requested that we should adapt to the new situation in which the relationship between supply and demand in the real estate market has undergone major changes, speed up the construction of a new model of real estate development, combine the long and short, treat both the symptoms and the root causes, and promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market. It is necessary to adhere to the policy of the city, precise policy, one city and one policy, make good use of the policy toolbox, and fully give urban real estate regulation and control autonomy. Cities can adjust their real estate policies according to local conditions.

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On January 26th, GEM stocks with high turnover rate (attached list)

The GEM index fell 2.23% today to close at 1,682.48 points, and the daily turnover of the GEM was 170.491 billion yuan, 11.054 billion yuan less than the previous trading day. Among the tradable GEM stocks today, 397 stocks closed up, with 7 stocks rising by more than 10%. Among them, 4 stocks, including China Railway Assembly, Tefa Service and Jardine Matheson, rose by 5% to 10%, 12 stocks closed down, 893 stocks closed down, and 2 stocks fell by more than 10%.

According to statistics of data treasure of Securities Times, in terms of turnover rate, the average turnover rate of GEM today is 2.45%. The interval distribution of turnover rate shows that there are 20 with turnover rate over 20%, 52 with turnover rate between 10% and 20%, 138 with turnover rate between 5% and 10%, 950 with turnover rate between 1% and 5%, and the turnover rate is less than 1%.

The highest turnover rate is CNKI, which closed up 8.39% today, with a turnover rate of 65.61% throughout the day and a turnover of 1.092 billion yuan. Followed by C Maxim, which is a new stock within 5 days of listing, the closing decline is 4.49%, the turnover rate is 53.05%, the daily turnover is 382 million yuan, and the net outflow of main funds throughout the day is 16.2505 million yuan; The top turnover rates are COSCO, Yahua Electronics and Weston, with turnover rates of 52.38%, 48.20% and 40.36% respectively.

Statistics show that among the high turnover stocks with turnover rate exceeding 20%, C Maxim is a new stock listed within 5 days.

From the market performance, among the high turnover stocks, 10 stocks rose today, with the top gainers including China Railway Assembly, Senyuan and SINOMACH, rising by 20.03%, 11.32% and 8.39% respectively, and the top losers including Kaichun, Huashi Technology and Huaru Technology, falling by 9.31%, 8.57% and 8.33 respectively.

In terms of industries, among the stocks whose turnover rate exceeds 20% today, the computer industry has the largest number of stocks, with 4 stocks on the list; Electronics, basic chemicals, etc. followed closely, with 3 and 2 stocks on the list respectively.

According to the public information of the Exchange, there are 6 GEM stocks with high turnover rate on the list today. Among the top business departments, 5 stocks have institutional figures. China Railway Assembly has 2 institutional seats on the list, with a total net purchase of 10,004,700 yuan. International Composite Materials has 1 institutional seat on the list, with a total net sale of 2,976,100 yuan, and COSCO has 2 institutional seats on the list, with a total net sale of 3,027,500 yuan. There are 2 institutional seats in Weston, with a total net sales of 14,580,800 yuan, and 5 institutional seats in Yahua Electronics, with a total net sales of 51,097,200 yuan. Shenzhen Stock Connect has appeared in two dragon and tiger lists, COSCO Stock Connect has a net purchase of 18,505,200 yuan, and CIMC has seized a net sale of 2,669,200 yuan. The top net buyers in the business departments are China Railway Assembly, COSCO and Asia. The net purchase amount was RMB 10,539,700, RMB 9,921,000 and RMB 9,604,600, respectively. The top net sales of the business department were CNKI, International Composite Materials and Weston, with net sales amounts of RMB 26,269,100, RMB 15,114,600 and RMB 8,179,800 respectively.

In terms of capital flow, among the stocks with high turnover rate, 8 stocks received a net inflow of main funds today. Shengtian Network, China Railway Assembly and Senyuan have more net inflows, with net inflows of 128 million yuan, 88,899,800 yuan and 81,435,600 yuan respectively. Tian Yi, CIMC and Huashi Technology have more net outflows of 60,952,600 yuan respectively.

Among the stocks with high turnover rate, one stock has published the annual performance report for 2023, and the one with higher increase in net profit has been recognized by SINOMACH, with an increase of 22.73%. A total of 7 annual performance forecasts for 2023 were announced. Judging from the median increase in net profit, Senyuan shares have the highest increase in net profit, and the estimated median net profit is-100 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 59.16%; China Railway Assembly is close behind, and the median increase of expected net profit is 32.70%. (data treasure)

On January 26th, the turnover rate of GEM was the highest.

Note: Excluding the new shares listed in the last two months. This article is a news report, which does not constitute investment advice. The stock market is risky, so investment should be cautious.
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