Potatoes, ginger, paper-cut made movie posters, and netizens were inspired at home.

Li Xiaodong is writing.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: In fact, a noodle is inserted into a pot of rice, which simulates the picture of a bamboo forest fighting a sword. The green light is like a stills, so it is difficult to tell without looking carefully.

  Ordinary vegetables and paper-cut figures, what effect can you shoot with your mobile phone? Recently, a netizen processed and utilized the ingredients and daily necessities around him, and then designed his own characters to shoot the effect comparable to that of a movie blockbuster. Received more than 30 million praises on the short video platform. Potatoes, ginger and broccoli can all be set, sprinkled with corn, flour and a little smoke effect. Under the background light, the villain in the foreground is lifelike, and the protagonist’s identity can be seen at a glance from the action clothes. The characters in China traditional Four Great Classical Novels all appear in such a miniature scene. Even the son’s feet have become props, stuck with hand-painted villains, and become the scene of climbing "Thumb Peak". Zi Niu News contacted the photographer, who is a film and television special effects teacher with a professional background, because he thought of such creative shooting at home.

  Inspiration gives students unexpected gains in assigning homework

  Photographer Li Xiaodong told reporters that he was born in fine arts, and now he is engaged in the later teaching of computer animation and film and television special effects. He usually likes to play mobile phone photography. Working remotely at home during the epidemic, I came up with the idea of shooting creative videos. "Because of the epidemic, I spend most of my time at home. When I usually buy food and cook, I think about whether I can shoot something interesting with ingredients and combine painting, paper-cutting and photography." He said: "Beijing has a long commute every day, and it takes two or three hours just on the road. I think the advantage of working at home is that I can leave these traffic hours and use them to shoot my thoughts." Li Xiaodong used to post some videos shot from unexpected angles on short video platforms, but in the last two months, he began to update intensively, shooting miniature silhouette scenes with vegetables and paper-cut figures, and then processing them into "big movies" like movie posters.

  "The earliest video ‘ A green onion shoots a large piece ’ In fact, it is an assignment for students. Using a mobile phone to shoot at the hollow of green onions will become a very artistic blockbuster under the illumination of lights. " Later, Li Xiaodong began to try with all kinds of vegetables. He felt that the simple visual effect lacked some story, so he began to draw a villain and put it in the picture. After sending it to the short video platform, I found that everyone liked it. "At present, I have been shooting for a month, and I have recently updated one every one or two days. Four Great Classical Novels has basically finished filming, only the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is left, and many netizens have left messages under the video ‘ Urge more ’ 。” At the time of press release, the scene of Taoyuan Sanjieyi in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms has also been launched.

  It takes several hours to shoot, and post-processing is very important.

  Zi Niu news reporter saw that in the latest video, the "Dream of Red Mansions" scene shot with ginger, fennel and flour reached 30 million hits. Li Xiaodong cut ginger on the chopping block, then sprinkled flour and put a little fennel leaves. With a dozen background lights, ginger became a rockery in the garden, and fennel looked like a plant landscape. In this way, a picture of Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu appeared in the snow, and the effect was amazing.

  Every video of Li Xiaodong will quickly present the shooting process. The video uses vegetables such as green peppers and potato chips, and it is made into a miniature background through certain processing, and then it is illuminated from behind with a mobile phone flash to form an atmosphere. The characters in the foreground are lifelike like posters of movie blockbusters. Not only did he shoot the water margin, Journey to the West, Dream of Red Mansions and other famous works, but also the classic movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, popular drama Chen Qingling and so on all appeared in the camera. A half-eaten apple was made into a climbing blockbuster, a 007 movie poster was made out of a waste potato chip box, and a pumpkin and a mirror set out the touching scene of the legend of the new White Snake. The most special prop is Li Xiaodong’s son’s foot, which is glued to his toes with a piece of paper, making a picture of "climbing the Five Fingers Peak".

  Although this short video only takes about ten seconds, the shooting process of Li Xiaodong usually takes two to three hours. "This doesn’t include the time to be creative. When you usually do things, you actually start to conceive. With the theme, you will think about what materials to use and how to put them. Most of the time, when you think about it in your mind, you will make it directly, and you rarely play with things. Only once can I think of what ingredients to use to express the elegance of trees, I paid attention to it when I visited the supermarket, and finally bought a handful of fennel, which was good. "

  In addition to the selection of materials for the set, the shooting process must first set the theme and use what elements. Li Xiaodong said: "It is very difficult for people to design shapes, because in film and television works, we can often identify a person by his face, while hair style, clothes, props and so on are often auxiliary elements, but you can’t see the face of the person in the silhouette, so you need to highlight other elements to identify who this person is at a glance." Li Xiaodong told reporters that the characters in Journey to the West are too distinctive and easy to recognize, but the characters in the dream of the Red Chamber are not so simple. "For example, what is Lin Daiyu’s hairstyle, with a little shoulder slip, which is the image of a classical beauty. I will design these characteristics to be a little more prominent in order to have a high degree of recognition."

  After designing and drawing these characters, paper-cutting is also very time-consuming, because the characters are complex and need to be cut very carefully to make the picture look good, and paper-cutting often takes up some time. "All my shooting is done with only two mobile phones, one for shooting and the other for lighting. The last film in the video has good lighting effect, and it is also assisted by some props, such as changing the color of light, such as adding a little smoke to make the background softer." Li Xiaodong told reporters that, for example, if you need blue sky, you should cover a layer of blue plastic cloth in front of the flash of your mobile phone. If you need a yellow sky at sunset, put a piece of bread in front of the flash, and create different light effects completely through these props.

  Promotion hopes that more people will explore new areas of mobile photography.

  After the video is constantly updated, Li Xiaodong quickly has 200,000 fans. Every day, dozens and hundreds of fans leave messages for him backstage asking about his shooting skills and techniques. He said that some tutorials will be prepared soon to teach you some methods of modeling, shooting and later stage. "I saw someone imitating me on some short video platforms, and soon there were a large number of fans. Some photographers told me that this shooting method allowed them to find a new field of playing photography. In short, many people are very interested in this form of work. "

  Li Xiaodong said that he hopes to let more people explore new areas of mobile photography. "When I usually go out with my colleagues, I am particularly keen on mobile phone photography. Everyone will take photos from my circle of friends ‘ Stealing pictures ’ Take it and send it. Many people wonder whether my mobile phone is good or what the secret is. In fact, it is conceived by using the language of the lens. Mobile phone is the most convenient tool for everyone to shoot at present, but not everyone can use it well. My video attempts just want to play more functions of mobile phone shooting, which proves that there are still many fields waiting for us to explore. " (Reporter Liu Liu)

Pork and fruit "rising again" expert: there is no inflation risk.

  Since the beginning of this year, China has continued to promote supply-side structural reforms, increased tax reduction and fee reduction, rationalized the price formation mechanism in important areas, maintained a balance between market supply and demand, lowered inflation expectations, and moderately fluctuated consumer prices. At present, the overall price level has maintained a stable operation trend, which indicates that the economic operation is stable and good, creating a good environment for promoting high-quality economic development.

  Recently, there has been a strong expectation that the prices of pork, fruit and other foods will rise. According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics not long ago, the national consumer price index (CPI) rose by 2.0% in the first four months of this year. Among them, in April, the CPI rose by 2.5% year-on-year, and it was in the "2 era" for two consecutive months.

  In an interview with Economic Daily China Economic Net, relevant experts said that, on the whole, since the beginning of this year, China has continued to promote supply-side structural reforms, increased tax reduction and fee reduction, rationalized the price formation mechanism in important areas, maintained a balance between market supply and demand, lowered inflation expectations, and moderately fluctuated consumer prices. At present, the overall price level has maintained a stable operation trend, which indicates that the economic operation is stable and good, creating a good environment for promoting high-quality economic development.

  There has been a structural increase in prices.

  In the first four months of this year, CPI rose by 1.7%, 1.5%, 2.3% and 2.5% respectively, and the monthly year-on-year increase showed a steady upward trend in moderate fluctuations. Among them, in the last two months, the year-on-year increase in prices has increased, entering the "2 era."

  Liu Aihua, spokesman of the National Bureau of Statistics, believes that the CPI rose by 2.5% year-on-year in April this year, mainly due to the increase of individual varieties. Among them, pork, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits all increased by more than 10% year-on-year.

  "Overall, despite the increase in CPI in the last two months, it is significantly lower than the control target of 3%, and it is mainly affected by factors such as the base of the previous year, the hikes and seasonality, showing structural upward characteristics and not having a comprehensive upward basis." Zhang Qianrong, deputy director of the Finance and Finance Research Office of the National Information Center, said.

  Zhang Qianrong analyzed that in the first four months of this year, food prices rose by 3.2% year-on-year, which boosted CPI by 0.62 percentage points and contributed 29.7% to the CPI increase. Non-food prices rose by 1.7%, which boosted CPI by 1.48 percentage points and contributed 70.3%. The contribution rate of non-food prices to the price increase is obviously higher than that of food. Although the recent increase in pork prices has led to an increase in food prices, non-food prices have remained stable as a whole, and prices do not have the basis for an overall increase.

  "At present, China’s price increase is at a medium level on a global scale. From an international perspective, China’s price increase is slightly higher than that of developed economies such as the United States and the European Union, and significantly lower than that of BRICS countries such as Russia, which is at a medium level in the world. " Zhang Qianrong said.

  The data shows that in the first quarter of this year, the US CPI rose by 1.7% year-on-year, while the EU harmonized CPI rose by 1.6%, slightly lower than that of China. India’s CPI rose by 7.1%, Russia’s by 5.2%, South Africa’s by 4.2% and Brazil’s by 4.2%, which was significantly higher than China’s CPI.

  It is worth noting that in the first four months of this year, the national producer price index (PPI) rose by 0.1%, 0.1%, 0.4% and 0.9% respectively, with a slight year-on-year increase.

  Zhang Qianrong said that the increase in PPI was mainly affected by factors such as the rise in international oil prices and the negative increase in the same period last year. Since the beginning of this year, the increase of PPI is lower than that of CPI, and the upstream and downstream price trends are upside down.

  Pork supply is relatively abundant.

  In April, the price of pork rose by 14.4%, an increase of 9.3 percentage points over the previous month, which affected the year-on-year increase of CPI by about 0.31 percentage points.

  Relevant data show that in the first ten days of March this year, the price of white pigs rose continuously and rapidly. On March 1st, the average wholesale price of striped pigs in Beijing Xinfadi Market was 7.28 yuan/kg, but on March 10th, the price rose to 9.45 yuan/kg, and the price rose by 29.90% in 10 days, which was quite obvious. Since then, the price has fluctuated slightly.

  "Overall, pork prices have changed little in the past 60 days. In other words, after the price of meat reached a higher level in mid-March, it showed a weak trend. " Liu Tong, director of statistics department of Beijing Xinfadi agricultural products wholesale market, said.

  Liu Tong analyzed that in the first ten days of March, the price of pork rose significantly, which was the expected increase in advance. From the market situation, in the first week of March, the average daily market volume of white pigs increased by 10% from the previous week and 15% from the same period of last year, and there was no shortage of supply. In this case, the increase in meat prices mainly comes from the thrust outside the market, especially the data released by some institutions show that the stock of fertile sows has decreased, which provides conditions for the bottom rebound of meat prices.

  "The increase or decrease in the number of fertile sows reflects that there is a certain lag period in the supply capacity and price, and the insiders call this lag period ‘ Cobweb effect ’ . In other words, the supply of pigs in the second half of 2019 may show ‘ Tight equilibrium ’ State, meat prices will rise. Therefore, the rise in early March is an early rise. " Liu Tong analyzed that after the release of relevant data, most forecasts tend to show that the pig price will reach an all-time high. This expectation has played a strong role in fueling the rise in meat prices.

  Liu Tong said that in fact, the number of pig heads with white stripes does not fully represent the supply of ketone bodies in pork. After the price of meat rose, the pig farm was filled with the emotion of waiting for the price to be sold, the time of keeping pigs in the pen was prolonged, and the single weight of pigs generally increased. In April 2019, the single weight of pigs generally increased by 10%. According to this calculation, the supply of pork in April this year exceeded the same period last year. If this phenomenon continues, when the number of pigs drops by 20% and the single weight of pigs increases by 20%, the decline in the number of pigs can be compensated by the increase of single weight, and the supply of pork is still relatively sufficient.

  There is no inflation risk.

  "Overall, whether it is from food or industrial consumer goods and services, there will be no sharp increase in CPI in the future, and prices will be stable and have a solid foundation." In response to the future trend of prices, Liu Aihua said.

  Liu Aihua analyzed that, from the perspective of food prices, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits are short-term impacted by extreme weather factors, which is not sustainable, and pork prices have a certain resilience. With the gradual recovery of prices, farmers’ enthusiasm for replenishing the column will be correspondingly improved, which will play a stabilizing role in prices. From the perspective of non-food prices, the supply capacity of industrial products is sufficient, and there is no basis for a sharp increase. Although the increase in service prices is relatively high, it is generally stable.

  "Overall, the factors that will support and curb price increases in the future are intertwined." Zhang Qianrong said. From the factors supporting the price increase, on the one hand, affected by African swine fever epidemic and other factors, the number of live pigs has declined, and pork prices have continued to rise. However, considering the strong overall supply capacity of pork in China, an early warning mechanism for pig price control has been established, and it is more likely that the pork price will increase in the later period, but it does not have the basis for a substantial increase; On the other hand, with the decline of demographic dividend, labor cost will become a long-term factor to push up prices.

  On the one hand, since 2012, the increase of CPI in China has been less than 3%. Considering that residents’ inflation expectations are generally related to the previous price level, the current low price increase has reduced residents’ inflation expectations; On the other hand, China’s main industrial products are abundant in supply, with bumper harvests for many years, high grain and oil stocks, rapid development of service industry, strong supply capacity in various fields and strong price stability. In addition, with the continuous advancement of supply-side structural reforms, the operating costs of enterprises have been significantly reduced, providing a good policy environment for stabilizing prices.

  Zhang Qianrong said that after preliminary calculation, the CPI hikes factor is about 0.7% and PPI hikes factor is about 0.1% in 2019. Considering the hikes and the above factors, it is expected that consumer prices in China will continue to rise moderately and steadily in 2019, with CPI rising by about 2.3% and PPI rising by about 1.0%. There is no inflation risk, and the pressure on price control is light.

Heavy! There will be these changes in the examination of expanding the recruitment scale of civil servants in many provinces.

  BEIJING, Beijing, June 12 (Reporter Qi Feng) Recently, many provinces intensively launched the recruitment of civil servants in 2020. Compared with last year, the recruitment scale of many provinces has increased, and some regions have also set aside some positions specifically for college graduates. In addition, various localities also put forward targeted measures for epidemic prevention and control during the examination to ensure the smooth examination and the health of candidates.

  Data map: A civil servant test center, candidates lined up to enter the examination room. Photo by Wu Junjie

  The enrollment of civil servants in many provinces is close to 400%

  Recently, a number of provinces have intensively released the 2020 civil service recruitment announcement. Compared with previous years, the scale of civil service recruitment in various places has increased significantly.

  On June 9, the Civil Service Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region issued the general rules for the recruitment of civil servants (public employees) in the 2020 examination for party and government organs (public participation units). Inner Mongolia plans to recruit a total of 7,270 civil servants (public employees) this time, which is close to 400% compared with 1,471 in the previous year.

  In addition to Inner Mongolia, Shandong, which started the recruitment of civil servants in April this year, plans to recruit 7,360 people, an increase of more than 140% compared with the recruitment scale of 3,047 people last year. Fujian plans to recruit 3,724 civil servants this year, an increase of more than 50% compared with 2,471 last year. Henan plans to recruit 9,837 people this year, an increase of over 30% compared with 7,478 people last year.

  In addition, Hubei Province, which has not officially started the recruitment of civil servants, has previously made it clear that the recruitment plan for civil servants will increase by 20% in 2020 and that for Selected Graduates will increase by 50%.

  "Due to the reform of local institutions, many provinces reduced the recruitment scale of civil servants last year, which is this year ‘ Enrollment expansion ’ The premise background. " Zhang Xiaolong, an expert in chalk education public examination, analyzed that the staffing plan of civil servants has remained stable as a whole. This year, the recruitment scale of some provinces has been expanded, largely due to the resumption of the recruitment plan previously affected by institutional reform, and the normal personnel replenishment has been realized.

  In addition, Zhang Xiaolong said that this year, affected by the epidemic, grass-roots public service departments in some areas need to appropriately strengthen their strength and enrich their personnel, which is also one of the factors of enrollment expansion.

  Data Map Photo by Huang Weiming

  With the expansion of civil servants, are there more opportunities for fresh graduates?

  In the annual civil service recruitment examination, fresh graduates are an important part of the army. This year, the number of college graduates reached 8.74 million, a record high. Then, under the background of the expansion of civil servants in many places, is the probability of fresh graduates becoming public higher?

  Judging from the recruitment policies of various places, some areas have released the signal of leaning towards fresh graduates in the recruitment of civil servants.

  For example, the "Several Measures for Further Promoting the Employment of College Graduates in 2020 in Tianjin" recently issued by Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security clearly stipulates that the number of positions for recent college graduates in the recruitment of civil servants should be increased, and civil servants should be recruited by organs below the district level, except for targeted and special demand positions. In principle, they are all for recent college graduates.

  In Shandong, this year, in the recruitment of Shandong civil servants, 1,021 positions were taken out for the first time, specifically for college graduates. Wang Zhimin, director of the Second Division of Civil Servants of the Organization Department of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, told the media that in addition to these positions, there are 90% positions that fresh graduates can also apply for.

  In view of expanding the recruitment of civil servants in many places, Wang Yukai, a professor at the Central Party School (National School of Administration), analyzed that for this year’s large-scale college graduates, the expansion of civil servants will undoubtedly provide them with more opportunities, and encouraging college graduates to join the grassroots line to make contributions is also an important accumulation and experience for their future growth and development.

  "Every year, a certain proportion of positions will be reserved for fresh graduates, and this year’s proportion may increase slightly." Zhang Xiaolong said that compared with the recruitment of civil servants, the local government will be more inclined to the fresh graduates in the recruitment of institutions and teachers.

  Zhang Xiaolong said, from the analysis of the recruitment plans released in various places at present, the overall proportion of fresh graduates and previous graduates in this year’s recruitment requirements will be the same as in previous years.

  However, experts also said that enrollment expansion is undoubtedly a good news for both fresh graduates and previous graduates. "From the current registration situation in some provinces, compared with last year’s reduction, everyone’s ‘ Chenggong ’ The probability will be improved a lot. " Zhang Xiaolong said.

  Data map. Photo by Zhang Bin

  The exam time has been postponed. Is there a "joint exam" this year?

  The recruitment of civil servants organized by provinces has also become a "provincial examination". In recent years, most provinces have concentrated the provincial examination on the written examination in April every year. In recent years, more than 20 provinces have held civil service examinations together, which is also called the "joint examination".

  This year, affected by the epidemic, the recruitment time of civil servants in many places was delayed, and the written test time was relatively scattered.

  Judging from the provinces that have announced the written examination time for provincial examinations, Fujian and Sichuan will arrange the written examination for public subjects on July 25th, Yunnan and Hunan on August 22nd, while Inner Mongolia has made it clear that the written examination for posts in the public security system will be held on July 25th and 26th, and the written examination for posts outside the public security system will be held on August 22nd.

  "Due to the different situations faced by epidemic prevention and control in different places, the written examinations of provincial examinations in different places may not be concentrated on a large scale this year, and there may be two small-scale joint examinations on July 25 and August 22, respectively." Zhang Xiaolong analyzed that the civil service examination requires higher quality of the proposition, and some provinces will still take the joint examination of unified proposition.

  Observing this year’s provincial examination policy for civil servants, all localities have made arrangements for the epidemic prevention and control of the public examination itself. For example, some areas require wearing masks, showing health codes, and some must provide nucleic acid test results.

  It is worth mentioning that Shandong and Zhejiang have clearly reduced the written examination of public subjects to half a day. Shandong also specifically stated that it is necessary to adopt a method of testing admission and seamlessly connecting exams to minimize the gathering of people.

  Zhang Xiaolong reminded that candidates must pay attention to the epidemic prevention requirements of all localities in the provincial examination in special years, and do a good job of self-health management in advance. In addition, they should adjust their work and rest rules in time and make good preparations for the examination.

  "For example, if the" Line Test "and" Shen Lun "are placed in a half-day exam, the intensity of the exam will increase sharply. Candidates need to adjust their biological clocks in advance and adjust their best test status to the test time."