Swiss regulations prohibit keeping solitary social animals: keeping a goldfish is illegal (Figure)

  Beijing, August 2 (Xinhua) According to Voice of China’s Global Chinese Broadcasting Network, it has gathered interesting stories and shared interesting stories.

  [A pure natural life]

  There is a legendary cave-dwelling old man in northern Argentina. He lived in a cave on the mountain for 40 years. He lived with roosters and goats every day. When he was hungry, he picked up a shotgun and hunted. When he was thirsty, he went to a nearby stream to drink water. However, the old man is not completely isolated from civilization. He will walk for three hours regularly, collect pensions and buy supplies in the town below the mountain, and some tourists and students visit the mountain.

  It is reported that 79-year-old Luca was raised by her grandfather in a small town below the mountain, and her childhood dream was to live alone. At the age of 14, he left his hometown and made a living by transporting coal to Bolivia. Later, he returned to the town and lived in a cave. He said that he also thought about traveling around the world, but he didn’t have that much time.

  [An extraordinary memory]

  Rebecca Sharrock, a 26-year-old Australian woman, has a "super autobiographical memory" and can clearly remember what she experienced, big or small.

  It is reported that only 80 people in the world have this extraordinary memory. Sharrock is a Harry Potter fan. He can recite all the chapters of the novel word for word, and even tell the nuances of the same dialogue between the novel and the movie.

  Sharrock said that her earliest memory can be traced back to when she was only 12 days old, when her mother was taking her to the driver’s seat to take photos. She can describe in detail what happened and dreams after that.

  However, Sharrock was troubled by his extraordinary memory. Sharrock once suffered from autism and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Every night in the dead of night, all kinds of memory fragments will flood into her brain, and multiple emotions make her unable to sleep. In childhood, Sharrock remembered all the nightmare scenes and often lost control of her emotions, so the original intention of reciting Harry Potter was to distract her and help her get rid of the nightmare.

  [A person who is proficient in donkey language]

  In London, England, there is a "donkey talker" who claims to be able to read the donkey’s mind. He has studied animal behavior habits for more than 20 years. The man named Mark Yin Aisen said that animals are very spiritual, and he hoped that people could learn more about their "hearts".

  Mark is the owner of an entertainment company called "Real Donkey". He now provides donkey riding activities for the British people. But the difference is that riders can listen to the sounds made by donkeys through a special new technology "voice translator". The funniest thing is that these sounds will be translated into English and played to everyone, and some even whole sentences.

  Mark said that donkeys have hooves, and people can express their emotions by lifting a hoof. People can also recognize the behavior of donkeys through their body movements and some facial expressions.

  Although he was suspected, Mark was convinced of his way of doing things. He said, "I love my donkeys very much, and I don’t want to exchange them with anything else."

  [A law prohibiting animals from being lonely]

  Not only people will be sad because of loneliness, but also animals. Therefore, there is a law in Switzerland that "it is forbidden to keep only one gregarious animal". If you only keep one goldfish, be careful not to touch the law.

  In order to protect the rights of animals, Switzerland stipulates that it is forbidden for social animals to keep only one, such as goldfish. Fish are gregarious animals, and they need companions. It is cruel to raise only one and let them grow in a lonely environment, which is equivalent to "abusing" them.

  According to the report, this regulation is not only for fish, but also for social animals such as guinea pigs and budgies.

  In addition, the laws and regulations on the protection of animal rights in Switzerland also stipulate that owners must go through course training and written examination before they can have dogs. If they want to have cats, they must let them move outdoors or see other companions through the window. If they can’t, they must have two cats.