Dual card quad-core machine Huawei P7 National Bank Asia offer 2888 yuan

     [PConline Xi’an Railway Station Quotes]HUAWEI P7Using its own HiSilicon Kirin 910T 1.8GHz quad-core processor, 1.8GHz frequency, 2GB RAM+ 16GB ROM, supports maximum 64GB memory expansion. 5.0 inch 1080P resolution IPS screen, using in-cell technology, front and back body covering the third generation Corning Gorilla Glass. 13 million pixel rear + 8 million pixel front-facing camera, the main camera adopts F2.0 aperture, Sony 4th generation stacked sensor. Based onAndroid 4.4.2 customized Emotion 2.3 operating system and 2500mAh capacity battery. Support 5-mode 10-band, supportTD-LTE,TD-SCDMA, GSM,FDD-LTE,WCDMA(The latter two are only supported by international roaming). Today, the author learned from the store merchants that the dual-card quad-core machine Huawei P7 National Bank Asia is priced at 2888 yuan. Friends who like it may wish to pay more attention.

Huawei P7 Unicom Edition  picture  series  review  forum  quote  Online shopping price

Huawei P7 Unicom Edition  picture  series  review  forum  quote  Online shopping price

PConline Product Library– Specifications
brand Huawei
series Huawei P7 series
Model P7 Unicom Edition
Mobile phone frequency band GSM 900/1800MHz, WCDMA 900/2100MHz, TD-LTE 2300-2320 MHz/2555-2575 MHz (Unicom 4G), dual SIM dual standby
weight 124G
system Android 4.4
Bluetooth Bluetooth v4.0
WiFi (WLAN) Supports WiFi, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
expansion card Support TF card (microSD card), up to 64GB expansion
product link //product.pconline.com.cn/mobile/huawei/568668.html
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[Reference quotation]: 2888 yuan (National Bank)
[Sales merchant]: Yasai mobile network Xianyang store [The price is subject to the day]
[Contact number]: 029-33263531, 400-666-2349
[Sales address]: Xinhua Building 1003, Renmin Middle Road, Xianyang City
[Online store address]://m.pconline.com.cn/shop790769/
[Quote inquiry]:Xi’an mobile phone market
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Q World will release the new M7 model, how long is Huawei’s "car building" window?

According to the first financial news, AITO is accelerating the pace of new car launches. Huawei End Point announced on September 10 that it will release the five-seat new car of the Q Jie M7 on September 12. With the release of the new car, the AITO Q Jie model matrix will include M5, M5 pure electric version, M5 smart driving version, M5 pure electric smart driving version, M7, M7 five seats, and AITO Q Jie plans to release M9 in the fourth quarter.

AITO Q & A is a brand jointly launched by Huawei and Cyrus. At present, Q & A’s sales volume is far from that of the leading new car-making forces. As a representative of Huawei’s smart car model, Huawei urgently needs to prove Q & A’s ability.

In August, the sales volume of nine new car-making forces, including Ai’an, Ideal, NIO, and Deep Blue, exceeded 10,000, and the delivery volume of AITO was 5018.

In the face of sluggish sales, Huawei’s automotive business has shown signs of more progress recently. In addition to speeding up the launch of new cars, in June this year, Huawei also acquired 21 "Q Jie" trademarks, which was interpreted by the industry as saying that Huawei will have the dominant right to Q Jie trademarks, and Q Jie may become a unified brand name for Huawei’s smart car model in the future. In July, the "AITO Q Jie Sales Service Joint Working Group" established by Sailis Automobile and Huawei began to be fully responsible for end-to-end closed-loop management of marketing, sales, delivery, service, and channels, marking the strengthening of cooperation between the two parties. From the perspective of products in the second half of the year, the new M7 and M9 models are undoubtedly the most concerned.

Sales are under pressure

Huawei Managing Director, End Point BG CEO, Smart Car Solutions BU CEO Yu Chengdong has previously revealed some information on the new M7 model. According to its Weibo, the model has 3338mm interior space and 686L trunk volume. Yu Chengdong also focused on the safety attributes of the new M7. In addition, the full-size SUV Q M9 will also be launched at the end of the year.

The launch of new cars is crucial to driving up sales in the industry. Since the beginning of this year, sales in the industry have been under pressure. According to the production and sales data of Cyrus, sales of Cyrus cars in July and August this year fell by 45.69% and 67.52% year-on-year, which affected the sales decline in the first eight months of this year. The reporter learned from the Cyrus Securities Department that in its production and sales express, sales of Cyrus cars are mainly from the industry.

"The Quarter 1 automotive industry promotion has led to a wait-and-see mood among users, and users’ expectations that the M5 smart driving version will be released in the second quarter have a certain impact on the sales of existing models." This is how Cyrus explained the reason for the decline in sales in the company’s first-half earnings report.

AITO official account no longer discloses monthly deliveries this year. Scattered disclosure data show that in April this year, AITO asked the world to deliver 4585 new cars, delivered 5629 cars in May, and delivered 5018 cars in August. There is no good news that the monthly delivery has exceeded 10,000. Compared with August last year, the delivery volume exceeded 10,000 cars, and reached the peak of 12,000 cars in October.

According to the data of the Passenger Federation, in the wholesale sales rankings of new energy passenger cars in August this year, Sailis sold 5018 units, not ranked in the 20th, lagging behind the new car-making forces of GAC Aian, Ideal, NIO, Zero Run, Xiaopeng, and Nezha with monthly sales of over 10,000.

At the same time as the sales problem is anxious, since the delivery of the world, Cyrus and Huawei have not yet tasted the sweetness of performance. In 2022, thanks to the higher price of M5 and M7 and the increase in sales volume, Cyrus revenue doubled year-on-year, but due to the increase in sales expenses and investment in research and development, the loss doubled year-on-year, reaching 3.832 billion yuan. In the first half of this year, Cyrus did not turn around, and revenue fell by 11.14% year-on-year.

It is also doubtful how much the car business can bring to Huawei’s performance. In 2022, Huawei’s smart car solutions business revenue was 2.077 billion yuan, accounting for only 0.3% of the total revenue. If the accumulated investment in smart car solutions BU since its establishment is 3 billion US dollars, the business is still losing money. In the first half of this year, the smart car solutions business revenue was 1 billion yuan, equivalent to half of last year’s annual revenue, and it seems to be standing still.

The pressure on Yu Chengdong is not small whether he can bring up the sales of Wenjie and set a benchmark for Huawei’s car business. Since the beginning of this year, Yu Chengdong has frequently stood on the platform for Wenjie, and his Weibo twice mentioned investing heavily in the new M7 model, saying that the model "has invested 100 million new upgraded interior and exterior accessories" and "spent 500 million new upgrades to build". In July, Yu Chengdong warmed up the new M7 at an exchange meeting with channel providers and suppliers, and in August he appeared at Chengdu Station to promote the model.

In response to the question of sales, Yu Chengdong previously responded that sales are only the result of a certain stage of development, and the underlying reflection is actually the relationship between users. Due to lack of experience and insufficient experience, some detours have been taken. At this time, it is even more necessary to give full play to its own advantages, have determination, and insist on making the ultimate products. Yu Chengdong revealed that in the face of external shocks, the company will accelerate improvement. Now it will optimize in the fields of retail, service, and delivery, and at the same time optimize the mechanism, increase the number of unannounced visits to stores and other means to improve the overall service capacity.

Partnership adjustment

Since the beginning of this year, there has been frequent speculation about Huawei’s entry into the car industry, and even rumors that Huawei’s car BU wants to seek independence. The root cause of the rumors is that Huawei’s car business has not brought significant growth and the development prospects are not yet clear. In fact, outside of Sailis, which has the deepest cooperation with Huawei, many car companies are considering cooperation with Huawei, and the cooperative relationship has undergone adjustment.

At present, Huawei’s cooperation with car companies is divided into three categories, namely vertical parts supply, HI (HuaweiInside) and Huawei Smart Selection. The HI model provides full-stack smart car solutions for car companies. The Huawei Smart Selection model involves Huawei in product definition, styling, marketing, user experience and other links. The depth of cooperation between these three models ranges from shallow to deep.

In the cooperation between car companies and technology manufacturers, it is a matter of debate who has the "soul", especially Huawei, which has always been strong in product control, and car companies inevitably choose carefully. Some auto industry analysts told reporters that as the competition for new energy vehicles enters the second half, profits will gradually shift to electronic and intelligent, and automakers are afraid of cooperating with technology manufacturers.

In March this year, the GAC Aian AH8 project changed its HI cooperation model with Huawei to a parts supplier model, and AH8 will be independently developed by Aian. Some car companies have made two preparations. In April this year, the cooperation model between BAIC Extreme Fox and Huawei changed from the HI model to the smart car model. At the same time, BAIC started its own research. At the end of August, BAIC Extreme Fox Koala started pre-sale, and this model is positioned as the world’s first smart parent-child car. The reporter learned from BAIC Blue Valley Securities Department that Koala has no cooperation with Huawei. In addition, Chery, JAC and Huawei Smart Choice have all cooperated. Among them, Chery has cooperated with Huawei to launch a number of smart electric vehicle models. Chery is also developing an independent new energy brand iCAR.

Huawei is well aware of the challenges it faces. At the "China Electric Vehicle 100 Forum 2023" in April this year, Yu Chengdong admitted that among domestic partners, new forces are unlikely to choose Huawei in terms of intelligence, and international giants will not choose for some reason. If traditional car companies are afraid of losing their souls, they will not choose, which makes Huawei face great challenges.

Even in the face of the dynamic adjustment of the cooperative relationship with car companies, in recent years, Huawei has emphasized the stability of cash flow and given up heavy assets to enter the car production, Huawei has still responded many times, denying the path of independent car production. At the beginning of this year, Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei issued a decision announcement, emphasizing that "Huawei" or "HUAWEI" cannot be used to extend the time limit of "Huawei does not build cars" for 5 years in the promotion and appearance of the whole vehicle.

In this case, in the limited cooperation with car companies, how Huawei can achieve the most benefits and achieve the most ideal commercialization goals has become a core issue. In August, it was reported that Huawei had strategically adjusted its car BU business to reduce non-core business investment and spend money on the edge. But Huawei officials did not respond to this news.

In terms of business strategy, in the foreseeable future, Q & A will continue to be the most important focus of Huawei’s car business. The new M7 and M9 to be released on the 12th will become the biggest focus of Q & A in the second half of the year.

Original title: Q World will release the new M7 model, how long is Huawei’s "car building" window?

The company accountant embezzled 8.9 million reward female anchors to save face and brush 200 "rockets" at a time.

  Cctv news Married, accountant, introverted, with a monthly salary of several thousand yuan, this is a portrait of 28-year-old Wang Dong (a pseudonym). However, to everyone’s surprise, he actually used his position to misappropriate 8.9 million yuan of public funds for "rewarding" female network anchors, and individual anchors received more than 1.6 million yuan of "rewarding" online.

  How is this money spent? Can it be recovered? For the webcast platform, what does the anchor earn?

  Spending 100 thousand on "200 rockets" at a time is very face-saving

(Video screenshot)

(Video screenshot)

  Originally, the company wanted to conduct a year-end audit, but the company accountant disappeared the day before the audit. The employees of a real estate company in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, who felt that the situation was serious immediately reported the case. Wang Dong, the company accountant, may have misappropriated public funds, and now he can’t contact, asking the public security organs to investigate.

  After receiving the police, the police immediately launched an investigation and found that Wang Dong used his position to misappropriate public funds for more than 10 times, reaching 8.9 million yuan.

  So, where did Dong Wang embezzle so much money?

  It turned out that 8.9 million yuan was basically used to "reward" more than 10 network anchors, and the most female anchors were rewarded with 1.6 million yuan. After learning that the company was going to audit the accounts, he knew that not only would he be unable to conceal the embezzlement, but he would also be unable to repay it. So, he took the high-speed train to Shanghai to meet the female anchor "Yu Keer" he met online, and then cut his wrist at the hotel to commit suicide.

  Seeing the continuous outflow of blood, Wang Dong had a desire to survive again. After calling "Yu Keer", he was sent to the hospital for rescue.

  After leaving the hospital, Wang Dong voluntarily surrendered himself and confessed to his misappropriation of funds. Subsequently, he was criminally detained by the public security organs according to law.

  Why is it that the misappropriated money is reluctant to give a penny to my family, but I am willing to reward the female anchor?

  Wang Dong said that his family condition is very ordinary. He has been living with his parents since he got married. When he rewarded the anchor, 500 yuan got a "rocket" in cash. He spent 100,000 yuan to brush "200 rockets" for the female anchor at one time, so everyone thought he was a "rich second generation", which made him feel very proud.

  The police said that Wang Dong not only showed off on the Internet, but in reality, as he and two female anchors developed into a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, he stayed in the presidential suite of a high-end hotel when he was dating with public funds, and each time he spent about 30,000 yuan.

  The police said that at present, it is very difficult to recover the funds misappropriated by Wang Dong, and they are actively looking for these anchors.

  Network female anchor: no money, no gifts.

(Video screenshot)

(Video screenshot)

  The female anchor "Yu Keer" said that she has changed many live broadcast platforms, but Wang Dong will follow suit.

  For many young people, the new career of network anchor is highly sought after by them. So, what are the main income channels of anchor?

  The network anchor "Yu Keer" is one of Wang Dong who brushes the most gifts and develops into a boyfriend and girlfriend. She said that for network anchors, people who have no money and brush less gifts simply don’t care.

  Yu Keer said that Wang Dong was a "local tyrant" every time he was rewarded. Although they were no longer in the same city, they still exchanged micro-signals with each other and later met offline. Regarding the relationship with Wang Dong, "Yu Keer" said that this is what everyone needs. I regard live broadcast as a profession, and the other party will "reward" myself more, so naturally I will say a few more words and meet each other.

  Expert: the anchor should not touch the moral bottom line at will

  Why are there so many network platforms? As a new format, what qualities should it have? What kind of content is output?

  Zhang Bin, a reporter from china national radio, said that when webcasting just started, the anchor could win the public’s favor by "face value". Later, in addition to spelling the face value, the anchor spelled out talents such as singing, dancing and magic. Now, when the webcasting platform is getting bigger and bigger, as the general public who has neither "face value" nor talent, they play different and wonderful forms such as live drunk driving and eating glass. Such examples are not uncommon.

  Zhang Bin said that there are a large number of teenagers and minors behind the network, and the harm caused by exporting content with incorrect values and wrong orientation may be enormous. But in fact, the anchor can become a "positive online celebrity" by imparting knowledge and explaining the contents of professional fields. Secondly, the low cost of webcasting is the primary reason for the emergence of network platforms and anchors one after another. "online celebrity" wants to make more money, and will take some side-stepping forms. If the platform wants to make more money, it will tolerate or even acquiesce in "online celebrity" playing the sideline.

  "When the truth is still wearing shoes, rumors have spread around half the world." Cheng Ligeng, a well-known scholar at China Youth University for Politics, said that the Internet can relieve stress and kill boring time, but the content of "three customs" must not exist. Because the information transmitted by the network is spread in geometric progression and virus, the network anchor must follow two principles: those who violate laws and regulations, those who violate public order and good customs, and those who touch the moral bottom line and transmit bad content. (Text/wanglili)

"Hot Search" exposes new posters, Zhou Dongyu, Song Yang and Justin stage a game of public opinion field.

1905 movie network news On November 8th, a poster of the "topic cage" was released by the film directed, supervised and starring. In the poster, huge topic symbols cut the picture, just like a cage trapping a girl in the center of the whirlpool of public opinion. Zhou Dongyu, Song Yang and Justin have sharp eyes and their own worries. Three groups of topics have uncovered the corner of the interest chain of wealthy businessmen in choosing a concubine. Girls are put on the "wine table" from the "desk", and public opinion is manipulated behind the money potential, so the voice of justice faces many obstacles. In addition, the girls who fell on the stairs, stood on the rooftop and were in the dark of the corridor in the middle of the picture are also worrying, and they can’t help wondering what unspeakable experiences they have. How can the truth break through the manipulation of power and get a voice? This battle of cyber justice with disparity in strength is about to start, and the filmWill be inIt will be released on December 1st.

Girls fall into the whirlpool of public opinion and jump off a building, which leads to the industrial chain of choosing a concubine on campus. 

For the first time, Xin Yukun focused on the topic of network reality and resonated.

In the movie "Hot Search", the rich dinner was exposed to be suspected of sexually assaulting female students. In order to cover up the scandal and manipulate public opinion with power, the girl sought to speak out, but was trapped in the framed "helping girl" carefully designed by the capital crocodile, and was pushed to the topic center and jumped off the building under the pressure of public opinion. Chen Miao (Zhou Dongyu), the editor-in-chief of the media, stumbled upon the help-seeking information sent by female students, and involved the shocking campus princess selection industry chain behind the incident. Chen Miao’s partner He Yan (Song Yang) and investor Peng Yue (Justin) are also involved.

With the help of Xin Yukun, a well-known director, this time, the breakthrough point is placed in a more contemporary topic of the times, and the well-known network is used as a carrier to explore the confrontation between good and evil hidden in modern cities, with a fresh but sharp perspective. Xin Yukun said: "The film is actually a confrontation between two waves of forces, focusing on both sides of the confrontation and showing how they put pressure on each other through public opinion." Behind the network topic, power dominates public opinion, and the weak fight for their lives, which staged a realistic game of strong and weak public opinion field.

Zhou Dongyu risked his life to tear open the fig leaf of power.

Justin, Song Yang brought new surprises and sharply staged the "network public opinion war"  

In the movie, Zhou Dongyu changed the screen image in the past and performed Chen Miao, the self-media editor who is full of mature and cool atmosphere. Rich businessmen used money to design "artificial truth" to control public opinion, while Chen Miao tore open the fig leaf of the powerful group to fight for the "girl in the dinner party". Talking about the role of Chen Miao, Zhou Dongyu said in an interview: "After Zhang Xiaosui committed suicide by jumping off a building, she personally realized the evil of some people, which completely inspired her deepest goodness."

Song Yang and Justin also showed a different side from the past. Song Yang said that He Yan, who he played, faced a middle-aged crisis in the film, "slowly compromised with the increase of age and social pressure", and became a cold and numb conservative who was trapped by powerful interests, and faced a complicated human struggle between good and evil. Yuan Hong blessed devil wears prada Peng Yue, who played an evil role in the end, and paid for his life by relying on his power. The oppressive feeling from the inside out made the audience call out "I really want to beat him" and "I don’t like acting". How to launch this public opinion confrontation on the internet is expected.

The film "Hot Search" will be released nationwide on December 1st.

Spreading scientific fitness concept

Chongqing University has such a team of college students, who have been using their professional knowledge for several years to spread the concept of scientific fitness to the public and help more people get healthy through scientific sports.

In May 2016, Chongqing University’s Body Assessment and Functional Training Studio was established, which was managed by the teachers of Chongqing University’s Physical Education Institute. Since its establishment, this team has regularly or irregularly provided services such as body assessment, joint function assessment and physical fitness assessment for all teachers and students, primary and secondary school students, athletes and the elderly. Up to now, the number of assessed objects has exceeded 1,000, and most of them have one-on-one corrective training programs.

During the semester, the studio will tailor short-term characteristic fitness courses such as "shoulder function training", "ankle function training" and "effective stretching" for teachers and students according to their various sports needs. Every winter and summer vacation studio will arrange "summer vest line" and "winter vacation buttocks and legs" activities without interruption.

During the epidemic, the studio also opened the "Scientific Fitness Cloud Classroom" to enrich the spread of fitness science and meet the fitness needs of fitness enthusiasts in different forms and scenes. In addition, the studio also gives full play to the advantages of universities and promotes fitness science to the society in combination with scientific research projects. For example, an empirical study on the influence of the perfection of joint function and movement mode on the performance of physical education examination in China, a study on the design and application of exercise prescription for the middle-aged and young people, and the influence of ankle function training on the balance ability and fall risk of middle-aged people aged 45-59.

In order to improve the public’s understanding of scientific fitness, the studio organized nearly 40 lectures on popular science, and at the same time completed more than 50 videos of popular science articles in "SE Movement" WeChat official account, hoping to let more people know the importance of scientific fitness.

Through years of accumulation, the team’s professional and serious work attitude has been recognized by the public and has gained a large number of "fans". Fitness enthusiasts gradually establish the consciousness of "active health" and "scientific fitness" in the process of participating in activities, and obtain longer physical and mental health from scientific fitness. "Chongqing University Body Assessment and Functional Training Studio Fitness Science Volunteer Service Activity" was also selected as one of the excellent cases of national fitness volunteer service in 2023 by the State Sports General Administration.

Members of the studio have also gained growth through voluntary service. According to the relevant person in charge, half of the undergraduate students in the studio have been exempted or admitted to master’s degree. At present, there are scientific fitness science backbones from the studio in Sichuan University, Guizhou Medical University, Southwest University and other universities. They are also continuing to spread the concept of scientific fitness in their new study jobs and insist on doing this meaningful thing. (From March 20th, China Sports Daily, 06 edition)

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Wang Leixi’s 2022 Lantern Festival performance "Selling Tangyuan" was well received by the audience.


It is reported that the Lantern Festival Gala in 2022, just past the Central Radio and Television Station, came to a successful conclusion. This gala combines traditional cultural concepts with high technology, pushing the visual appreciation of the gala and the enthusiasm of the audience to a climax, presenting an ultimate double enjoyment of hearing and vision.

The creative program "Selling Tangyuan" uses a combination of symphony and crosstalk to interpret the classic melody and evoke the familiar taste of Yuanxiao in the audience’s heart. Singer Wang Leixi, as the only female crosstalk performer, is a striking presence in this program. Many people use allegro or "Go online! Huacai Teenager knows her, and it’s very surprising to perform cross talk on CCTV again this time. Wang Leixi appeared at the Lantern Festival party this time, and collaborated with BiBi Zhou, Zheng Yunlong, Jing Li and other famous artists to adapt the version of Selling Tangyuan. Her performance was remarkable.

In the cross talk actor industry with men as the main force, it is rare to see female cross talk actors who make people shine at the moment. In recent years, it is Jia Ling that has made great achievements. Whether Wang Leixi’s appearance can fill this gap, the audience will wait and see. From Selling Tangyuan, we can see her mastery of the performance rhythm and her ease on the stage, which is due to her accumulated stage experience.

Wang Leixi has never been confined to a certain field. She has the courage to try new things, from the variety show to the allegro teacher. Cross-border has become commonplace for her.

Wang Leixi, a treasure girl born in 1995, has personally supported traditional culture and created many well-known songs. I hope she will bring us more surprise works in the future.

Once a model of commercial events, snooker’s match-fixing storm has intensified.

Reporter | Yang Wei

With the end of the English Open on December 18th, the snooker tournament in 2022 will enter the off-season, and the snooker Masters and the World Grand Prix will be held in January 2023, but the snooker industry entering the year is not peaceful.

On December 27th, 2022, Beijing time, the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) issued a statement that China’s Chen Zifan was suspended from participating in the World Snooker Tour due to alleged manipulation of the competition results, and this decision took effect immediately.

This is the eighth China snooker player who has been suspended for the same reason this year. Previously, at the end of October, 2022, China’s Liang Wenbo, who would have played in the 2022 Snooker English Open qualifier, was suddenly suspended, and the World Taiwan Federation immediately announced that it would launch relevant investigations.

Until December 9th, WPBSA issued a statement announcing that six China players, Liang Wenbo, Lu Ning, Li Hsing, Zhao Jianbo, Bai Langning and Chang Bingyu, were suspended for violating the WFTU Code of Conduct and allegedly manipulating the results of the competition for the purpose of gambling. Among them, Lu Ning and Chang Bingyu missed the English Open.

After another wave of unrest, on December 12, WPBSA issued another ticket, and Yan Bingtao, a 22-year-old rising star who was regarded as Ding Junhui’s successor, was also suspended for manipulating the results of the competition. At that time, Yan Bingtao, ranked 16th in the world, was about to take part in the English Open. He will also withdraw from the snooker Masters, which will kick off on January 8, 2023.

In fact, this is not the first time that a China snooker player has been punished by the World Federation of Taiwan for fixing the ball. In December, 2018, China’s Yu Delu and Cao Yupeng were sentenced to 10 years, 9 months and 6 years’ ban respectively for suspected match-fixing.

In fact, in recent ten years, the sport of snooker has been unable to cut with match-fixing. In 2013, Stephen Lee, a British star who ranked fifth in the world, was banned for 12 years for match-fixing, while Higgins, who had been ranked first in the world for a long time, was also banned for gambling, and then Bingham, a former world champion.

The constant match-fixing scandal has dealt a great blow to snooker.

Previously, although it was not comparable to the four major sports leagues in North America and the five major leagues in Europe, it had a fixed tournament coverage, a stable commercialization and bonus structure, and entered the China market relatively early, which made snooker one of the "small but beautiful" models of commercial events worldwide.

But now, in the China market,After Ding Junhui, the "first brother", China snooker has been in a hopeless situation. In addition, such a large number of players have been banned, which is undoubtedly worse.

So far this season, China players have only reached the semi-finals of the ranking tournament in the Champions League, the Northern Ireland Open and the British Championship, while in the British Championship, one of the "Three Snooker Competitions", a total of seven people participated in the China Legion, and only Ding Junhui and Zhou Yuelong broke through the first round.

selfAfter Ding Junhui won the world snooker china open and Snooker British Championship respectively in 2005, snooker gradually gained a foothold in China.

Before the epidemic, more than 5 competitions were held in China every year.,andEstablished the CBSA World Snooker Academy. This sport, which was born in the British Isles, regards China as its largest overseas market and has gained a lot.

However, the continuous fermentation of this match-fixing event will inevitably affect the image of China snooker, and its market value in China will be greatly reduced. At the same time, it will affect the future of the whole snooker movement.

To some extent, the high entry cost and low prize money have made some low-ranked players "think badly".

In recent years, due to the epidemic situation, players must go abroad frequently and get good results in large-scale ranking competitions in order to get a certain amount of bonuses. However, due to the limited overall prize money of snooker events, the income of the players is even difficult to make up for the high cost of living in Britain and Europe.

After this season’s Scottish Open, Ding Junhui, the "first brother" of China snooker, repeatedly bombarded the World Taiwan Federation with three dynamic articles on December 1st, bluntly saying, "I didn’t expect any sport to start at 11 o’clock" and "earn a lot of money to give athletes a little bonus".

It is not difficult to see that there are not a few athletes who are dissatisfied with the schedule arrangement and bonus distribution system of the World Taiwan Federation.

In fact, as the world’s top commercial billiards tournament, snooker can earn a lot of sponsorship income, including CAZOO, a British used car service provider, ROKIT, a European telecommunications company, and Red Bull, a beverage giant.

However, the competition system that ranks according to the number of prizes and the sharp decline in the prizes of events make it difficult for players with poor performance to maintain their careers. To be in2023yearoneTake the snooker Masters held in June as an example, as a snooker."One of the Three Major Events",Only before the ranking16Only athletes are eligible to participate.,But stop the first round.Players can only getone.fiveTen thousand pounds (about 125 thousand yuan) bonus.

As a leader in the industry, Ding Junhui seems to be helping China billiards explore new directions. On December 20th, the International Federation of Chinese Billiards announced that Ding Junhui would officially become the global promotion ambassador of Chinese billiards.

From March to April, 2023, during the global finals of Qiao’s Chinese Billiards Masters in 2022, the Chinese Billiards International Federation will hold a signing ceremony with Ding Junhui.

Ding Junhui said: "This is an original billiards game in China. I am more cordial and passionate about it. I am willing to contribute my own strength to its development."